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My dear daughter

Oh my goodness what a stressful time we've had!!! Dd's MRI scan is this Thursday as per the original plan!!!

I am a very stressed and sad bunny. My poor daughter absolutely broke down the other night and sobbed that she could not see what kind of a life she is going to have with this damned illness and was so despondent I could hardly keep it together. It is the first time she has given way in the two and a half years that she has been going through this. She started by saying she thought she might be a bit depressed - bless her heart - and she couldn't bring herself to say exactly what was wrong. I know her so well that with a sinking heart I guessed and she just nodded and sobbed her heart out. She feels the future is very bleak and although I do all in my power to support her it has really upset me to see her like that. I am amazed and in awe of the way she has coped until now and I feel she deserves a medal for bravery, quite frankly. With the ME as well she has been robbed of all her teenage years and she never complains, never moans and the dear girl says she might be a BIT depressed!!! I am so proud of her and I told her so. When she is reasonably well she volunteers to help others. She is not a paragon of virtue, she has her faults, but she is an amazing young woman. I did take her to see a friend who is a counsellor and that has helped a bit and she is going to talk to her Occupational Therapist to whom she was referred for the ME.

Sorry for the moan but it breaks my heart. We are both dreading the results of the scan and hope the Oncologist was right and there is nothing to worry about because if there IS something wrong and our gut feeling was right we will be less than impressed, especially as it was pretty much a case of diagnosing over the phone and NOT really listening to the patient!!!


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Hi Honey,

So sorry that you are all going through this terrible ordeal, just to say I am thinking and praying for you love x G x


Thank you so much Gwyn xx H xx


Hi Honey

So sorry for you both. It's not surprising that it all gets too much for your daughter at times. It all gets too much for all of us, and at her young age trying to cope with it must be so draining. Is it possible for her to have some sort of contact (online?) with people her age in a similar situation? I do hope that the MRI will yield positive results and that things will look up soon.



Fingers crossed for you that the results will be good and give you both a boost. Its bad enough to have this beast in later years but seems very unfair for all the younger patients.

Thinking of you, xx


Hello honey,

Oh these "Bad" times are a pain but we get through them dont know how but we do

hang on in there. Good Luck with the scan,

Thinking of you both,

luv trish x


Hi Honey

Hoping all is well with the scan results. So sorry to read about your daughters stress. It's so hard to watch, i know. But it is good to have a cry. My daughter and I have cried together just a few times. She doesn't cry very often (not in front of me anyway) I think we both try to be strong. As a mother, it is so difficult. I think the counsellor is a good idea, not only for the professional angle but also because it helps to speak to someone who is not directly involved/family.

Thinking of you both on Thursday, Kxx


Dear Honey

You are rightly proud of your dear daughter having to deal with so much at such a young age - it just isn't fair. I would be so angry at the injustice of it all if I were you but I know that doesn't help. I hope you don't have to wait for the scan results and that they are reassuring.

Whatever happens plan a treat together.

Thinking of you



Thank you, lovely ladies. I was just needing some support and sympathy. My daughter is usually strong and so am I, because to be otherwise would not help her. Sarah, we will definitely plan a treat together, whatever happens.

Thank you all,

Honey XXXX


Hi Honey

I don't think that it is just your daughter who is strong.

You have been an amazing tower of strength to her. I think it is one of the hardest things in the world to watch your child suffer.

Will think of and pray for good news for you both on thursday.

love Suex



Im so sorry u r going thru this... Its do hard to try and be positive....i was so down and frightened i cldnt cope but talking on this site to these ladies.. Makes u realisr its a kinda normal for us to be like that


Its good that she has someone like you who is close

To help and support

Best wishes to u both



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