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Update as promised

Hello All, here is an update on my progress as promised. Had portacath fitted last wednesday, unfortunately the sedative or something disagreed with me and left me feeling ill for 2 days. Baseline CT scan done on Monday and then 1st of 6 chemotherapy sessions yesterday, avestin, taxol & carboplatin.

Was surprised that it took 7 1/2 hours at the hospital for the chemo, but I am not feeling too bad so far.

Now looking forward to a couple of weeks of peace and quiet with no (planned) hospital visits!

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Yes! it does take a long least one is behind you now...sorry you have not been well thanks for the wishes love x G x :-)


Well done for getting through the portacath experience and one lot of chemo. You're on your way with one down. I too had avastin, taxol & Carbo, finished in July and yes each time it took about 6- 7 hours, luckily I had mine at home, which helped. Hope you continue to feel well. I was OK, until about the 4th lot, no sickness, just suffered with pain in my legs, but not everyone gets that. I continued to work, so not too bad all in all. I did lose my hair in Feb, but was growing back by May. Good luck and thinking of you x


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