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Update To Recent Question

Hi All, just to let you know had the ultrasound (with a rather obnoxious senior radiographer) who when i laid on the couch then presumed to ask me "so what do you want me to find"! to which i replied through gritted teeth "the reason why my stomach has bloated" not to much to ask I thought or maybe it was. Her cursory look over abdomen and kidney area prompted the response "no fluid, no hernia, nothing there". I felt so angry at this response, and my 19 year old daughter was in the room with me, that i just grabbed my coat and walked out, feeling like a fraud and no better off than i was 10 minutes previously, part of the reason i felt like this is that both my daughter and I work for in the same hospital and dread to think of other patients experiences with the same radiographer. I then went to speak to staff on my ward who put me in touch with the Gynae Onc Nurse specialist, who i had no contact with previously. She knew my original case as she was part of the MDT on diagnosis and i cant fault her, she spoke with my team within the hour and has managed to get an appointment for me with the consultant on 6th June and has told me if symptoms or pain get worse just to ring her and she will deal with it (two ends of the medical spectrum could not be any different), So no answers at the moment, but felt better speaking with her, will keep you informed.

Apologies for part of this being a rant but it helps me let off steam.

Nessie xx

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Hi Nessie,

You rant away, this is disgraceful treatment.. the radiographer obviously has had no problems herself so lack empathy, I feel mad (and I don't often rise to the occasion) I do hope things will improve for you and thank you for the update and you rant away my friend no one on here will judge you. Sending you my best wishes love x G x :-)


thanks Gwyn, i dont usually let anything get to me, even a cancer diagnosis! but i have to work with these so called professionals, take good care and enjoy your weekend x nessie


Yep- Gwen's covered that one!

Don't let it get to you, Nessie. I hope the appt. on 6th brings a solution.



Thanks Isadora will let you all know the outcome, take care x nessie


Hi Nessie

Thanks God for the average CNS, superwomen, in my experience. It's disgraceful that you've been treated like this by the radiographer. I hope that the next appointment brings you some answers.

All the best.

Love Wendy xx


Thankyou Wendy your comments are much appreciated x Bessie


Can't even spell my own name today lol x nessie


Oh good grief, what a stupid bloody woman. Suppose too much to hope for a little empathy?!

So sorry you had to go through that - think I would have walked out too! Fingers crossed next stage works better - and you kick off if this symptoms worsen, certainly, Nessie!


Sue xxx


Thanks sue I get the impression that the CNS was going to have words x nessie


So sorry you had such a horrible experience Nessie, what a truly horrible person! So glad you had a better experience with the nurse, try not to worry until until your appointment.

Have a great weekend.

Love Linda xxx


Thankyou linda and you have a good weekend too xx nessie


As above.......I also think you should notify the problem to whoever is in charge of the whole department. Difficult I know when you work in the hospital but that sort of attitude should be reported to someone in a position to do something about it. As well as always sending letters/ messages of appreciation when I have received particulary good hospital treatment I have also, on two occasions, not cancer related, written to the hospital director to bring bad attitude/treatment to the attention of the great and good. Of course, they stick together, with placatory responses but at least they presumably are made away, if only momentarily.

Having said that, I hope she is correct in her assessment and you have no problems. Best of luck.


Thankyou Lill I have left it with the CNS to make the complaint as its more anonymous then, just in case i have to have any more ultrasounds at some point. Will keep you all informed once i have had the appointments. Nessie


Dear Nessie

Sending love and hugs after such a horrible experience. I paid privately for my scan and the radiographer told me I had a uterus full of fibroids. He couldn't have been further from the truth.

Jobs are hard to come by these days. There's absolutely no excuse for a health-care professional to treat anyone badly.

Hope you feel a bit better for letting off steam to us. We're always here for you.

xxx Love Annie


Thanks Annie, do feel better I think it was the culmination of a really bad couple of days and still waiting for other professionals to see me to rule out whether the cancer has originated somewhere other than the ovaries which is what they suspect, but things only ever go at there pace xx best wishes nessie


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