Caelyx/ cargo update

Hi everyone just thought I would give you an update on my situation, I have had 4 out of 6 of carbo/ caelyx I must say it's the toughest one so far for me this is 3rd line. Numerous infections blocked kidney i had to have a stent fitted, just recently had a scan was called back to hospital 2 hours later as I have a blood clot in the tummy and lung, but the good news is my nodules have shrunk back and my ca125 is down to 19 so I'm so glad after all I have been through, Hopefully this will continue for a while now ,fingers crossed Yvonne

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  • Should read as caelyx/ carbo bloody predictive text!

  • Hi Yvonne Just wanted to say I'm so pleased for you, what a positive post! Doesn't It feel good to hear that after all you have been through it's been worth it and doing the job so to speak. I'm smiling for you! Long may it continue !! Kathyxx

  • Well done you...sounds like it was tough but you smashed it! Xx

  • You have been through the wars !Delighted you have had a good response . Side effects are hard enough to take without feeling they are pointless, hope you get an easier time of it from now on

  • Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it xxx

  • so happy for you. long may it continue!

  • Your post brings a smile to my face and hope to my heart as I'm rather anxiously and impatiently waiting for my own scan results.

    Wishing you a healthy stress year 2016!

  • So pleased for you, you've been through a tough time.

    Wishing you a healthy and happy new year x

  • Thankyou ladies, and happy healthy New year to you too, good luck with your scan results xx

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