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A short poem about my cancer experience

This is the first time i have written anything on here, but i have regularly read the blogs since my diagnosis last year and they have helped me through the past 12 months, I don't why but been thinking about writing this short poem for a while and now felt right.

It happened so fast at first so numb, pretending was just so dumb.

Then reality sets in, feeling so scared, then the nightmares begin,

wondering why me? Why now? I didn't deserve this so how?

How could this happen to me and now? a beautiful baby boy just two weeks ago

Now my world crumbled below.

I tried to run and hide, but you were like a shadow always by my side

I needed help to rid you from me, at first surgery then chemotherapy

Remission! It's gone! First a dance then a song

But so scared deep down that you will come back around

But for now so long.

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Hi November,

What a moving poem...thank you I wonder though if you could tag it under "poems" this way it will be easier to find and read when it starts to disappear down the blog section you do this by pressing edit and filling in the box at the bottom that says tags...I am sorry that you're going through so much and sending you my love and best wishes..thank you for sharing this.

Love x G x


Thank you for tagging this xx G xx


Hi November.

Just wanted to say that was i good poem.. well put together through your fears and emtions..

thank you for sharing it. xxx

love suzanne


Dear November

That's such a lovely poem and sums it all up for me. It's a difficult subject but one that is good to write about and for people to understand how we feel.

I just wondered whether in the penultimate line you were thinking of 'scared' rather than 'sacred'. Both are a lovely choice of words.

Gwyn will be delighted you've added to her poem collection and those of others on the site dating from last May. We could compile a book at this rate!

Hope you keep posting. xxxx Annie


Hi November

Lovely words, so well expressed. I hope your remission lasts ages and ages. Gradually that fear will fade. I'm still ok after ten years bad some days I only think of the good things in life :-) Stay well ...

Love Wendy xx


Sorry! Typo!!!!! Meant but, not bad :-(


Thank you for all your lovely comments!


Hi there November ...

I like your pen name as its my birth month ... I spent last years in hospital having tests as an emergency patient ... but like you its going forward now and enjoying life .

Wishing you all the best .

Love Jan xx


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