Allergic Reaction to Carbo

I had my second round of chemo yesterday and had another allergic reaction to the Carbo. My first treatment they just slowed down the drip but yesterday they decided to stop it completely. Now I'm concerned that about how this is going to affect my rate of reoccurrence. I was told that with the combination of Taxol/Carbo I would have 90% survival rate but now I'm unsure how this is going to affect my chances. My mind is now clouded with negative thoughts and I'm so scared. I won't have a chance to discuss this with my doctor until my follow up appointment in two weeks. I just feel so discouraged.

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  • There are lots of alternatives for your Onc recommend, please try not to worry and get depressed. It would be so much worse if they'd continued with the Carbo. Ring the freephone nurse on this site tomorrow morning if you are still as worried - the number is 0800 008 7054.

    Two weeks will seem a long time for you I'm sure but try (try! ) to keep calm and the chat with the nurse in the above number should help

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Choski After a day of crying and worry my husband called my oncologist. He did say they are other options that he can try. I do feel somewhat better now that I know there are other options.

  • Hi. When I was first diagnosed I had carbo /taxol. 6 cycles. For my first recurrence I was out on gemcarbo but only managed 2 cycles before having a severe allergic reaction to carbo. I wont go into too many details suffice to say I was unconscious for over an hour during which time I received 14 shots of adrenaline. The following week I was put on cisplatin / gem instead of carbo which I can never have again. Well despite another recurrence I am here to tell the tale. There are options. please dont despair, Im still here going strong NED. Take Care . Kathy xx

  • Hi Sifrankin, you have been given a 90% survival rate on the chemo offered doesn't meen the next chemo won't do the same. There are so amazing stories on here where ladies have survived 20 years & more so please stay in there till your next appointment.

    Take care best wishes Cindyxx

  • Hi ive ad 2 reactions to carbo on 3rd/ last time 4th cycle went to see my oncoligist on wed as me also was worried as chemo nurse said they wont give me on my 5th cycle in couple weeks but she is im having to take antisitimines 3 days prior to chemo then 10 steriods night before and 10 steriods morning of gem/carbo dont no bout doing chemo on that day think mite just go clubbing lol... if i do react nxt time i cant av it again so we will see god to admit finding this round carbo tougher on body aches... pains tiredness yet last year sailed through carbo/taxol guess ur body says eh look ive ad enough but be strong we will do it take the ups with the downs... let me no ow you get on sending u hugsxxx i av gem dose today find that a walk in park no side effects... xxxx

  • This happened to me and I had cisplatin instead. It worked at first but then stopped so I'm on doxil now. They also mentioned low dose weekly taxol. Don't worry there are other options out there and they are developing more x

  • I think try not to worry, your oncologist has other options to give you, this sometimes happens and there is a plan B, Hope you try and relax for the weekend

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