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Last Chemo Cycle Delayed


Feeling down and a little scared. I just got my blood results back from yesterdays draw and my platelets plummeted down to 44. My hemoglobin is now below 8. Explains why I have been a little tired lately. Could hardly get much done at work yesterday,

I went and had my blood draw and my port started flowing blood after the draw. we had trouble getting it to stop even with a lot of pressure.

I know they will talk about a transfusion. anyone out there have a transfusion? If so how did it feel? Strange having someones else's blood in me. Did you feel better right away? any reactions? Were you able to finish your chemo? I just want to push through this last three treatments.

Hugs across the waters to my friends in England.XXOO

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I feel for you.i went through that last cycle and had to wait a week.but during my week off platlets went from 70-200 so it was worth waiting. I did eat lots of iron enriched foods and also....kale...aloevera.beatroot. I have my head down for the last chemo in 2 weeks and will b gutted if the bloods are off.lots of people have transfusions and find them a great boost. I wish you the very best

I am in the same predicament as you. Tomorrow I have to get bloods taken. My bloods were just above 8 so I may need to have a transfusion.. I was talking to a lady that had a transfusion and she said it made a big difference in her energy levels.. Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes


I was on weekly carbo/taxol and I had to have a transfusion after about 11 weeks as my haemoglobin levels were too low to have chemo. It's nothing to worry about - I had no reactions at all and, as I wasn't feeling tired anyway, didn't notice much difference (except my haemoglobin levels improving so I could continue chemo). Don't think I really cared that it was someone else's blood, to be honest! It didn't take very long. I certainly preferred it to having to inject myself because of low neutrophils! Hope your transfusion goes well, if you have to have one. Deb x

I had blood transfusion after surgery .It made me feel much stronger and at the time was not too worried about it belonging to someone else.Just think of it as being a wonderful gift.

Good luck and take care x

Hi there I've had three blood transfusions one after surgery which I don't remember much about and two after chemo cycles due to low heamoglobin. The blood is cold so make sure you have warm layers with you ! But they really make a difference to your energy levels and achy legs - takes two days to kick in but made me feel so much better. Takes quite a while for it to transfuse I was in hospital for 6 hours so make sure you have plenty of reading or movies !! Good luck xx

Thank you all my chemo warriors! I am scheduled for a transfusion for tomorrow. your experienced replies did really help. i still have to give myself the neupogin shots and I was told that the transfusion is only to help the hemoglobin. Platelets are on their own to rebound. Feeling better about tomorrow.

XXOO Carol

Well a transfusion will help you regain energy, is there any chance you can take time off work to rest, I didnt work during chemo because I would have been unable to but I admire those who do it, but the question is do you get thanked by your employer for putting yourself under pressure? I know works helps the mind from being in over drive but maybe you might consider a few weeks off,

Chemo has not stopped me from working. i think it has helped me through it having something else to focus on. i work outside with a physical job so no time to sit around and think about it. I really felt out of breadth this last couple of chemos. i know what it means to be cumulative. I had a transfusion yesterday and hope to feel better as day goes on.


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