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CA 125 blood test - results are normal. Does this mean I don't have ovarian cancer?

I am 23 years old and I have been having intermenstrual bleeding and post-coital bleeding since the beginning of this year. After about 6 months I decided to see my GP about this and they referred me to the hospital to see a gynaecologist. They did a colposcopy which came back fine and they did I transvaginal scan which showed a 7.2cm cyst on my right ovary. I had a follow up appointment with my consultant gynaecologist who told me that it was complex (some solid and some fluid areas) and I would need a laparoscopy to have it removed. She also recommended a blood test for CA 125. The results came back normal, does this mean I do not have ovarian cancer? My consultant is now going to book me in for another transvaginal scan and then book me in for surgery. I'm confused about the normal levels of CA 125 and what they mean.

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CA 125 is sometimes an inconclusive test, lauraloo. It sounds as if there could be a number of reasons for your problems, but it also sounds as if your GP is trying to rule out anything sinister. It may well not be OC. Another scan may show something clearer and an op would rule out any possibility. But I am definitely NOT an expert! Why don't you ring the Ovacome helpline and chat with a nurse on there. The Ovacome website may also help with some answers on their fact sheets. The number is 08453710554

Good luck with finding some answers

Love Wendy xx


Hi Lauraloo,

I would think given your age and blood test being normal i.e. (anything under 35) and the fact they want to do a laparoscopy it would certainly seem as if it is not OC ....they are unlikely to risk not having open surgery if it was cancer...but the ca125 isn't always a reliable marker so they would take into account other factors...I agree with Wendy you could give the helpline a ring...a lot of people have cysts that are not cancerous so please try not to worry as they are doing tests to make sure.... best wishes love x G x


I have a normal CVA reading, I had my left ovary, tube and a cyst removed 3 weeks ago which was 7x5cm, the CT scan also came back fine, the keyhole surgery was incredible and my consultant first class, so I was shocked to find out I have stage one ovarian cancer, the cyst although a benign outer had cancer cells inside. I am not menopausal but did have severe pain on my left side, but not regularly. I have been where you are with trying to second guess, but until the cyst is removed nobody can give you a conclusive answer. I would say though that age is definitely on your side, and know of a few people in their twenties who were just susceptible to cysts but without it being anything serious.

Try and relax and make sure the consultant is someone you can ask anything.

Good luck x


Thank you everyone for the reassuring replies. Obviously I won't find out until after surgery so just staying positive for now :) x


I thInk it's very natural to search for answers and though you'll have to wait for the surgery and results, you've discovered a great source of support and information here!

Best of luck! Whatever the results are, I hope you have strength in support and love from within and the people in your life!




I too had the CA125 tests twice which both came out normal but after a D&C and a hysterectomy it turned out that I did have OC but luckliy it was caught early because of surgery. They said that my CA125 levels were low because it might have been too early to detect but they dont really know - after surgery they will take biopsies and then you will have to wait for the results - that was the hardest time for me but I am now going through Chemo and staying positive......I wasn't expecting anything like this at 40, but I always remind myself that there are people out there going through much worse than myself - but it took me awhile to think like this as you go through a range of emotions when you are diagnosed - from sadness, anger, denial and then finally you come out fighting!

I wish you all the luck in the world xOxxx


Hi guys im worried my wifes ca125 results 41 U/ml normal is 35.

Please help me decifer this.


I can see you are new to this site, welcome! Regrettably you’ve replied to a five year old post. I think you are more likely to recieve replies if you start your own post, advising that you are new, etc.

All the best!


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