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I'm new here and I have a question about CA-125 normal


Any reason to be concerned if the Dr tells you CA-125 was in the normal range but there is a mass on my ovary that needs to have a CT - Scan.

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Hey Kejones,

Welcome to this forum it is an excellent place to get great advice and support. First of all the vast majority of ovary mass are cysts and nothing to worry about but it sounds like your GP is doing the right thing getting the CT. I had a mass on my ovary and my CA125 was in the normal range but after CT MRI they decided to remove the mass and the ovary and it turned out to have cancer cells in it. I am very happy that they were as proactive as they were even though the CA125 was normal as it meant they found it early. I am nearly 2 years post diagnosis now and doing very well thankfully!

As I said the vast majority of mass are cysts and nothing to worry about so fingers crossed yours is just a cyst and they will sort it out for you. Try not to worry too much, it sounds like you are in good hands.

Take Care



As D has posted most are cysts and not cancer but it must be checked further . Unfortunately the CA125 test is not always reliable as an indicator even with a normal reading so a CT scan and possibly an MRI is needed . Your Dr is right to investigate further. Try not to worry ( I know too well easier said than done! ) Best distraction is to keep busy .

It is good that it is being investigated, please let us know how you get on .

My CA125 was 3880 on diagnosis so was pretty clear cut that something was wrong !

Sending positive vibes and a big hug

Love and best wishes Kim x

Only a Doctor can tell you that really. Even though a good ca125 is probably an excellent sign, the ladies here would not have your medical history and it would be cautionary to advise you without knowing. Certainly a low ca125 is an encouraging sign for sure though. I would ring your nurse or Consultant. Good luck.

Nicky xx

Yes like others have said most masses are not cancer. However, I had a CA 125 of only 8 with a complex cyst (part solid part liquid), I was sent for a MRI which looked a bit more suspicious but my doctor still thought was benign. However, in surgery turned out to be cancerous. Lots of times they can't tell until they do surgical pathology what's going on. Good luck and hope it turns out fine.

Hershey17 in reply to Martina18

Did you have open surgery or laparoscopy and how soon did you have surgery after your MRI?

Thank you ladies for all your positive support...going thru menopause has not been easy however it has brought to light the discovery of this mass. So fingers grossed for a good outcome with the ct scan.

Thanks again ladies...

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