Hi everyone, short story I am going through alot of tests quickly as my doctor is concerned (see my other post if you need more info)

Anyway my doctor rang to say we have some good news my ca-125 is low and reads 14(however she still wants my tests done to double check no misreading's?)..

So, I am still going to hospital tomorrow for a hystercogly ...

Are these blood tests accurate and shows i dont have ovarian cancer!!! I know i am playing a guessing game, but I felt so happy when she told me...

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  • Hi Cathi, what you have is a CA125 well within 'normal' range. Id take it as a good sign but continue with the test to definitely rule out anything sinister. Fingers crossed for you xx Kathy xx

  • I am with Kathy on this one too. Your doctor sounds very proactive and that is wonderful. Your CA125 number is wonderful too. Wishing you well.

  • Hi Cathi........all I can say about the CA125 is that my Dr's relied on that number a lot. They took it every month and it was a map as to how well I was responding to the chemo plan. 35 is the top of normal. When I got into the normal range they were very excited. Now I am at 3 and they are speechless. I take Chinese herbs and they feel that is possibly one of the reasons. I will pray your tests are good. Keep me posted please


  • Hi Sandy,

    Can you please tell me what chinese herb you tske?



  • I order them from a company in the US

    I take Chaga powder, Reishi Mushroom powder, and STR12 powder.

    Also take a couple things from a Chinese Dr who is a Naturpath. Tumor Shrinker formula#325 and Super tonic formula #9. His phone number is 800-600-0808

    I was given all the above information by a friend who also had Ovarian cancer and beat it. I"ve been taking them for a year now and the Dr's are amazed at my numbers. I know I will take them the rest of my life. Take a look at the site for Jing Herbs......interesting. If you have any questions contact me.

  • Thanks a lot for all the sbove info Sandy. Would you mind to tell me the name of the doctor if I contact him.



  • Let me contact my friend who gave me the original information and get better info for you.

  • Great thanks a lot.

  • Hi Shabs.......Sorry I haven´t gotten back to you about the Dr´s name. I emailed my friend and she has not replied yet, which is unusual. She may be traveling. For a start check out jingherbs and if you call the 800 number for the other products you will be ok not knowing his name because he is only Dr there. It is his own practice as a naturalpath with Chinese herbs. He has a thick accent so it takes a little patience. If I should get more information from my friend I will let you know. When I bought from him I bought a bunch so I havent had the need to recontact him and I lost the email info my friend gave me. If you need any other help let me know. Happy to help if I can.

  • Hi Sandy,

    Thanks so much for all info. In fact I rang the number and you are right it took me a while to understand him😆😆 and in the end what I understood that he said I can order online.

    I am just wondering if its ok take those herbs with any type of OC. I had high grade.These things normally dont have any side effect anyway. Did you discuss this with him ?


  • Hi Shabs, so glad you made the call. This is my story about the herbs. When I was on chemo my friend in the states who is naturalpath found out I was w cancer and she called and told me about jing herbs and her Chinese Dr she works with. She had ovarian cancer many years ago and took the herbs.........long story so will not do all details, but.........I had them brought to Ecuador by a friend and started immediately on the items I already told you about. I did reduce the amount I took each day because they gave me a little bit of runs and are expensive. The ones from jing I order the big pouchs and every day take 3tsp of each in a little juice twice a day. The ones from the Chinese Dr I take 2 capsuels of each twice a day. I´m in Ecuador and the language barrier is a bit clumsy so never said anything to my onc but did tell my gyn and he gave me a nod. After my last chemo treatment it was kind of tough to get back on my feet but my CA125 was then at 12 and CT was clear. After a couple months and my gyn saw my CBC bloodwork results every month which also seemed to be climbing into the normal range in every catagory he was giving a two thumbs up. This gives the Dr a feel for your immune system. I mentioned again that I was taking Chinese herbs and he said if something is working don´t stop. My last chemo was August 31st 2016. My CT125 is now at 3 and my blood work lines up totally in the normal range. I took 10 stand alone Avastin treatments so I´m trying to get rid of those side affects but my energy level is excellent. Sorry I got so wordy but wanted to share my story about them. I was stage 4 when I was diagnosed January 2016. I´m so excited you decided to give them a try. I thank the Lord my friend shared this with me. I pray every day for all the women out there struggling with Ovarian is not fun but I learned to never give up and always listen to ideas people may want to share.

    God Bless you and please keep me posted and always feel free to ask me questions.

    I go back to the US in December and can´t wait to be closer to the herbs. Always worry I might run out before someone I know comes to Ecuador to bring me more. We can´t get packages here but a beautiful country.

    Sonshine 1

  • Thanks so much Sandy for such detailed response. I will be in touch.

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