Still have no idea whats going one!

Hi guys... I wrote a few weeks ago and people were kind enough to answer. I wonder if its ok to ask for help again 😳

I went to see my gyne oncologist this morning for some results and my ca 125 numbers have risen from 59 to 159 in the last three weeks. 

The mri scan showed some bleeding into the uterus together with some unknown bulk... I had my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed last february and my ca markers went down from 715 to 24 a couple of weeks after surgery. I dont think they found any cancer and discharged me with a suggestion of six monthly ca 125 tests. A month or so ago the markers went up to 59 so i was referred on.

I now have a ct scan on monday and the consultant says he will know more then..... He was a little concerned that there may be some problem with the omentum

Does this sound bad? Or could it just be an anomoly and nothing much to worry about? I look and feel really healthy with the exception of a heavy dragging feeling in my pelvis and a little backache. My tummy isnt swollen at all and i have neither gained or lost weight.

I seem to pee much more than usual and did ask the consultant whether this had any bearing. He suggested it might be that the swollen bulky uterus might be pushing on the bladder. Does anyone recognise this happening? 

Apologies for the disjoined post but i really am very confused... 🙄🙄

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  • Sorry Katie, I feel you can't second guess this because gynae problems are so complex. I know it will feel ages until you get the results but it's only then that you'll have a clearer picture. On this site we all understand what an anxious time it is waiting for results!  Try to plan a little treat for yourself each day leading up to getting the results and...easier said than done, try to be busy to distract yourself from ruminating. Worrying won't change things so try to acknowledge then dismiss troublesome thoughts.  Your symptoms sound similar to mine and I had OC  stage 3  (although i did have occasional bloating too) but equally they sound similar to my friends who had a benign sticky cyst! 

    Sorry this hasn't been as concretely reassuring as you were probably hoping for. I empathise with what you're going through and I hope that your your scan result gives good news and your current problem is a simple, easily solved nuisance. 

    Take care, chin up.

    Sandra x

  • Thanks so much for your reply. I am just confused. Really wish they had taken my uterus at the same time last year. I am studying reflexology and have an A level equivelent anatomy and physiology exam next thursday so have asked them to keep the result until afterwards. I am going to consentrate on my studies. Thanks again x

  • Good luck with the exams. Fascinating subject ! X x

  • Hi katie, 

    I read that sometimes for other reasons than cancer ca125 can be raised. The time of the month can have an effect I was told. 

    Try not to worry too much, although a ct scan would certainly help to put your mind at rest.

    Sending hugs during this anxious time, 

    Mandy. Xx 

  • Thanks....i am hoping thats the case.... I dont have periods any more but i am sure there could be something similar.... Xx

  • I can't really help except to say that CA 125 results can be weird and go up for all sorts of reasons. I hope your exams go well.

  • I agree with what the ladies are saying about CA. My oncologist said that even inflammation can affect the results. Hope exam goes well. We have a reflexologist at the hospice day care centre. We all appreciate her care. Makes you really relaxed.

  • Thanks so much... Think its just a case of wait and see. Glad you are enjoying the reflexology.... X

  • Hi Katie, its difficult as there are other reasons apart from ovarian cancer that can cause CA125 to rise.  With regard to your symptoms, I did have the heavy dragging feeling, backache and the need to pee more. I didn't have any bleeding.   It might be infection causing this though.  Unfortunately you'll have to wait until you get the results of your CT scan.  Good luck.  Let us know how you get on.  Ann x

  • Thanks.... I think the fact that the markers went down to normal (although unless i have my notes in front of me i keep getting the actual numbers wrong😧🙄) made the gyne think that there was something going on. Both my mum and my aunt died from ovarian cancer and my cousin has it at the moment. Think i just have yo wait and see.... Thanks again. X

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