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New trial - find out tomorrow

Happy new year ladies. We start ours with another bout of ecoli but mum seems to be coping well with this one...

We also head down to the Marsden tomorrow to see if Mum is eligible for a new MEK inhibitor trial. They said they are hopeful but also want to combine this with FEC which I understand is chemo? Has anyone had this treatment before?


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Sorry, Charlotte....I'm not familiar with that study, but I wish you good luck with it! Hugs.....Judyved


Thank you! xx


Yes - I had FEC for breast cancer.

If your mum does get taken on for the trial, and with FEC, get in touch and I'll share my tips about it.

I've had 5 different chemo regimes and this was the one I found the hardest. Perhaps because it was my first? But we're all different. x


Good morning. Thank you. We went yesterday and apparently I misheard when I was talking to the drug development nurse. The drug is a FAK inihibitor, to be taken alongside a MEK inhibitor - so no chemo involved as yet.

Problem with any trial is that they are not sure whether Mum is eligible. They know that the drugs she has been taking no longer work and that there has been disease progression, but the trial needs progression to be above 20%. With a low grade cancer, growth is so slow. That said, slow growth is obviously not a bad thing!! We'll know more once all the eligibility tests have completed. xx


Fingers crossed she does turn out to be eligible....so pleased you misheard.... FEC was, as they say, fecking horrible!


Hi Charlotte,

Being a low grader. Interested to hear about this new trial. Please keep us uptodate with developments. Good Luck to your mum. Best Wishes.


Hi. Thank you. We are kind of in two minds, pleased obviously the cancer is only growing slowly (2mm in three months without drugs) but also anxious that she takes something, which even if it only keeps it stable is good.

Mum had her tumour profiled recently and they have identified the RAS mutation. This trial drug is a MEK inhibitor which is targeted to that specific mutation. Have you had yours done? Apparently there have been positive outcomes with those using the drug who have the RAS mutation but this is the first time they will be prescribing the two inhibitors in combination.

Can I ask what hospital you are at? Xx


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