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Does anyone know or have experience with adult granulosa cell tumour of the ovary?

I recently had a GCT removed from my left ovary and as a result I am scheduled to have a total hysterectomy along with the removal of my right ovary in 2 weeks (I am 35). The CT scan that I recently had done shows an ovarian cyst of 7 x 4.5cm on my remaining right ovary, does anyone know if GCT can occur in both ovaries? Also if anyone knows if chemotherapy has been used in treating GCT I would be interested to hear from you.


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GCT can be a cancer that grows slowly. Treatment is not usually required following surgery, and the outlook is usually good in most cases. However in rare cases, GCT may come back ( up to 30 years), in which case more surgery may be needed to control the disease for longer. Total hysterectomy is recommended in order to reduce the risk of the cancer spreading.

Chemotherapy,such as Carboplatin and Taxol can make the tumour shrink. It will be useful to have a discussion with your clinical gynae nurse specialist or gynaecological oncologist again so that you feel you are clearer about the decision regarding treatment & management.

Please feel free to ring the Ovacome supportline nurses for more information or support.


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