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Sever abdominal pain

Hi, i have been habing abdominal pain now for around 6 months to 1 year and i only recently had a ultrasound scan done and was told i had a cyst on my right ovary and both my floppian tubes were enlarged. I had tablets for the swelling of my floppian tubes but the pajn is getting worse. Im in even more pain sometimes to the point when it hurts that much i cant walk or even move at all. Im feeling very ill every single day now from it and no amount of tablets are working. The hospital gave me the strongest tablets going to take the pain away but they arnt even touchinf tbe pain slightly. The tablets just dont work. I have been reading up on ovary cysts and im not sure if it has ruptured or not. Was wondering if anyone else has been through the same thing.

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I suggest you return to your gp as soon as possible and get a referral to a gynae. They are best equipped to deal with ovarian cysts and follow up test etc. You didnt mention if you got bloods taken and if so what your 125 level was.


I have an appointment with a gynaecolagist but its not for another 2 months. I havnt had any more bloods done yet either So i wouldnt know anything else all i know is that i have a cyst on my ovary and i have to wait to see if it needs removing or not.

But the pain is just so unbareable sometime.


Suzuki is right you need your GP to write to the hospital and get your appointment brought forward. It is helpful if you can show them the frequency and severity of the pain by keeping a pain diary. Also you could contact the hospital directly by calling the consultants secretary and explaining the situation too.

If the pain is too unbearable go to A&E.

Best wishes

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I would take yourself to a & e,



Sorry to hear what you are going through. As the others say you need to see the Gynae ASAP. I assume you have their contact details so badger the secretary. Going to a & e won't accelerate your GP appt as you don't see a gynae but you'd probably get done more tests done. You haven't been referred under the cancer pathway hence the wait for your appt. I know it is a worrying time. Go back to your GP urgently. I had abdomnal mass but got gynae appt 2 weeks but did go to a& e due to pain got ultrasound & CA 125 blood tests done. Has urgent hysterectomy in Dec 2015 and thank fully all histology clear. Don't leave it please.

All best wishes x


Thank you everyone. I will ring my gp in the morning and get them to write a letter to have my appointment brought forwards. I went to a&e but the woman i spoke to their didnt understand anything or what i was saying but she said she spoke to a gynecologist on the phone and he wantwd to amitt me to hospital that night but she said she didnt think i needed to but she kept saying i never had a cyst when she wasnt the one who done the tests and showed me the cyst. I would of had ot removed by now i got told so will see what my gp has to say. Thank you! X


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