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Trying too hard and considering Metformin! Anyone else considering it?

I am feeling very well in myself and was hoping for some fun during remission but the d****d sciatica is severely restricting my activity. I have been trying to 'be normal' but 3 theatre trips on consecutive nights might have been overdoing it just a bit. I push myself to do as much as possible but a bad scald, from a mug of black coffee before I went away, rendered my right hand virtually useless. I had to keep it clean and dry which was a real problem as I am now irrigating the stoma and, while that obviates embarassing accidents with the bag, it takes time in the morning and makes it difficult to keep my hand clean. It was pretty ghastly but the minor A & E in Dartmouth made a wonderful job of dressing it with a showerproof hydrocolloid dressinng and the addition of disposable latex gloves enabled me to shower & cook. I can recommend pny tail elastics to keep the cuff sealed. I now have the dressing off and I am busily rubbing bio-oil into it and it is fading rapidly.

Meanwhile I am still on painkillers, have bought a TENS machine, a gym ball and a folding stick. The pain is down from 'screaming agony' to 'extreme discomfort' and I can drive as far as the hospital, which is a relief!

I feel really cheated! With this pain restricting my activities!

I discussed metformin with my GP this week as I am diabetic but I am controlling it so well with diet that he is reluctant to prescribe metformin because of the risk of hypos! He is, however going to follow up on the research and I am going to mention it to my gynae oncologist when I see him in November. The research I read was from Ontario and looked really promising! An oral medication; with few side effects; which would ease the pressure of the diabetes, which could become more difficult to control when I am on chemo again because of the steroids. Does anyone have any experience with Metformin?

My troubleis that I hate not being in control!


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Just as an afterthought! The physio told me to try the bike again! Just locally so here goes! The 1/2 mile to the park should not be overdoing it!

Wish me luck!



Sucess! 1.6 miles each way into town and back! Leg feels better and I had to buy new bras (2 sizes smaller) and pair of size 14 trousers!

I am walking on air!



Hi Margaret

Personally not had experience of Metformin . Have read some information re preventing recurrence and this seems more in the US (as does most treatment), but not prescribed in the Uk . Dont know if you have blogged on the national alliance ovarian cancer group as you may get some info yet . Sciatica is a bummer . Hope you get it sorted soon but hope you are doing well otherwise



Hi Ally!

Thanks for that!

I got some info on the US research, and also Canadian. My GP is looking into it re dosages etc! I am all for delaying the recurrence! The sciatica is improving and I cycled to town and back today! 1.6 miles each way! Also bought new bras! 2 sizes smaller! and size 14 trousers! I am ecstatic.

The leg is so much better today! I am convinced that the bike ride really helped! As long as the fine weather holds I shall try a bit further each day! I never did like riding in wind and rain!

Love M


Hi margaret me neither . Im a fine weather exerciser !!. I know we all try to look at alternatives for delaying recurrence . I have been taking the high dose tumeric/Vit c and D and ginger root . Waiting to be seen at homeopathic Hosp with view to mistletoe injections . Eating healthy with fruit/nuts and lots green . One thing i cant give up though is my sweets as very sweet toothed but cutting back . Exercise is good for the back as well as everything else . Bike i think is good as helps with posture and the core stability of the back muscles .

Ally xx


Hi Ally!

Good to hear from you! I have taken high dose Vit C and calcium with vit D for years as the former seems to ward off colds and the latter is to compensate for my dislike of milk! I loathe sweet things! Gave up sugar for lent in 1955 and never looked back! LOL! I drink ginger tea for nausea but at present that isn't a problem! As for turmeric! Since you mentioned it before it is going into everything I cook! I eat so much fresh fruit and salad that I am at risk of developing long ears and a twitchy nose! I am off nuts just now as they are a no no on the slimming world diet! LO!

The bike has certainly helped with the back and leg pain today! I had a bad day yesterday!

Just back from seeing 'The Impostor' at the cinema! Somewhat over rated by the critics! But a nice meal at Ask afterwards!

M xxxx


Hi there Margaret ...

Nice to 'see ' you again if you know what I mean ....

So sorry to hear that your darn back still still you holding up .... but I can see there is a little light at the end of your tunnel !

Try not to over do the bike ..just a little more each day we all know what its like ..we think just an extra mile or two and then it hurts like hell later and as for your new clothes in smaller sizes ..thats just wonderful ..well done have given me hope as nothing is moving on me at the mo despite all the walking I keep doing .

Now I am back doing my lunch time time at school for three sessions a week the ounces might start to move ....

Take care now on your bike and enjoy xxx

Love Jan xx


Hi Jan!

I am following the Slimming World 'extra easy' plan after staying with my daughter to convalesce last Jan! She was following it and I have found that it really fits with my lifestyle! Even the odd glass or so of wine does not seem to 'break the bank'!

The bike worked wonders today! I am barely aware of the sciatica tonight and squirmed very little in the cinema!

Love M!



The Slimmingworld diet is very good. My daughter used it after childbirth as she didn't want to go back to work overweight, unhealthy and looking mumsy. I tried it too before I knew I had oc. Getting rid of a tumour weighing over a stone reduced my weight quicker though!

Hope the various probs are soon a thing of the past

Love Christine


Morning again Margaret ...

Not heard of the 'extra easy' plan with Slimming World sounds good if one can have the odd glass of wine too !!! I have started weekly exercise not too taxing as they are circuits as have been referred by my GP on to this as have all the folks there .

So the group leader knows I have had an op etc etc .... no sits ups as yet ..gently does it ....

Glad the bike has given you some relief you have had more than your fair share of pain and discomfort .

Right off to have breakfast ..

Love Jan xxx


The Extra Easy plan allows unlimited fruit, veg, meat & fish but limits bread & cereals. Milk & cheese I save my "syns" for the wine! I am hoping to get back to aquarobics once I get the cap for the stoma! Tinight i had chicken, cabbage celery, carrots and new potatoes.

I am exhausted tonight! Off to bed to watch "New Tricks"!

thanks for support!

Love M! Xxxxx


Dear Margaret, I hadn't realised you'd had a bad scold as well as everything else going on. At least it sounds well managed - but as I said before - it's so hard to cope with pain if you're not in your own home - however lovely the holiday in Dartmouth was. I do hope the pain-relief machine works well. Have you tried acupuncture?

It's good that you're back on your bike - me too! Recently I've been taking the dog for a walk with him running alongside the bike. He behaves better that way as I can vary the speed and give him a bit of a run.

Hopefully the weather is good for you up in York and you can have another trip out. I was out of contact all weekend - tripping down memory lane in North Devon. Came back to more messages than I can remember.

love to you. xxx


Hi! Whippet!

Good to have you back! I trust you enjoyed your break! I thoroughly enjoyed my time in South Devon!

The scald was more of a prob to keep clean and dry than it was painful! I am very practical! All those girl guide badges in the 1950's LOL! I shoved my hand straight in cold water and then a wine cooler sleeve! Worked a treat! The whole thing looked worse than it felt! It is now healing nicely. The weather is lovely here at the moment so I am gotting out on the bike as much as I can. This aftnoon it is the dentist!

M xxx


Hi Margaret

I am also interested in trying Metformin due to its ability to slow tumor metabolism. Although clinical trials are still in progress to monitor its use in cancer recurrence, I don't think I want to wait till the results are published in a couple years. I am well (aside from the OC) and feel I would like to give it a try. I am aware of course that it doesn't work in delaying recurrence for everyone but anything is worth a go if it's relatively safe.

Good Luck



Hi S!

My GP wants to wait a bit, he is unclear on dosages but I am going to raise it at my 3 month review in November! Let me know how you get on!



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