Another up-date on my daughter

Hello ladies,

this morning we received a letter from my daughter's consultant oncologist to say that she had discussed her case with the head of the Gynaey team at RM Chelsea.

Although the tumours have all shown growth this time, the plan is to carry on treatment and watch and wait. In the meantime if we have any concerns we are to contact my daughter's consultant oncologist at RM Sutton. The next MRI scan is on Thursday September 20th.

My daughter's health problem that I mentioned in my last, is responding to the medicine, so that is good news and although still dreadfully tired, I think it less severe than it was - again, good news.

thank you all for your support,

Honey xxxxx :0 :) :)

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  • Hi Honey

    I'm glad there's some good news but it must be such a worrying time for your whole family.

    Nothing for it but to keep on keeping on.

    Thinking about you and your daughter and sending my best wishes.


  • Thank you Linda. Yes, chin up and keep on keeping on. Not much else we can do, but the support from the lovely ladies on this site makes it easier to bear the burden.

    Honey xx

  • Hello Honey

    It sounds as if they are pulling the stops out for your daughter which must be reassuring and also good that she is responding to the medicine. Even so, it must be so hard for you both and I wish you strength.

    Monique x

  • Hello Monique,

    yes, I do truly believe they are doing everything they can for my daughter, which is very reassuring. What she has is very rare, but even in its rareness it is not behaving in the (so far) known pattern. All we can do is hope and pray that a treatment is found that works even better than the current one. I think things would be far worse if they took her off the treatment. Hard as it is to think the tumours are still growing WITH the treatment, I am sure they could be so much bigger without it and that would mean the surgery the team has always been keen to avoid.

    Your support is much appreciated.

    H xx

  • Dear Honey, I can't say more than Linda and Monique. I've been thinking of you and your family. It's such a huge burden for a very young woman and tough for your family. I'm hoping for better news after the September scan. I just wish the weather were better for you. A nice warm sunny day seems to lift the spirits.

    with love, Annie

  • Dear Annie,

    thank you. I am also hoping for better news after the September scan. Yes some sun would definitely help. My daughter is a very strong, inspirational young woman, but she, just like all of us, has her down periods and this, as you can imagine, is one of them. I read her some of the comments from you lovely ladies and she is both surprised and touched by your support, so thank you again.

    Love, Honey xx

  • Hi Honey!

    Nothing to add except that I am thinking of you and your daughter. I do feel for the young who get this dreadful disease!

  • Thank you Margaret. Your support is much appreciated.

  • Hi Honey

    Praying for you and your family... Sending you all my best wishes Love x G x :-)

  • Thank you so much Gwyn. You really made me laugh with the thread on knickers!

    Bless you,

    Honey xx :) :)

  • Hi Honey

    I am trying to write a poem on it... LOL .. Humorous of course..

    lots of love x G x :-)

  • The same from me Honey - lots of healing love sent to you with gentle hugs.

    T xx

  • Bless you Tina. Thank you.

    H xx

  • Hi Honey

    Again, the others have already said it all. Just wanted to let you know I am also thinking of you and your daughter. sending hugs to you both.

    Chris x x

  • Thank you Chris, Much appreciated.

    Honey xx

  • Thank god that your daughter is responding to treatment i wish her well!I hope and pray for her that it all shrinks..We found out the other day that i have diabetes and gall stones and im still waiting for another blood test internal scan and have huge stomach but how i felt when i thought i had OC because of my symptons it was hell and i just felt sad and desperate.The doctor says i could have scirrohis of the liver which can develop into liver cancer.I really feel for you and your daughter and family so hard to go through. Please i hope you can help your daughter to enjoy her life as much as possible positive lifestyle will make a difference to the cells reproducing.I know thats easier said than done but you sound like a very strong woman!Live well change her diet this will really help and the vitamins and enzymes if you look online it really does positive things.Theres a specific website that supports this connected to one of the pages on ovarian cancer including others i cant remember the site but i will have a look for it for you.

    My best wishes to your daughter and you and your family

    Nicola x

  • Thank you so much Nicola. I am sorry to hear that you are going through such a lot and I hope and pray that your liver is fine and no signs of cancer.

    My best wishes to you too,

    Honey xx

  • Hello Honey.

    I'm so glad that your daughter is feeling a little better, it's also good to know that you can contact the Marsden with any concerns.

    With best wishes to all your family,


  • Thank you Julie xx

  • Hello Honey

    Thank you for letting us know how she is getting on. I really hope that she continues to respond to the treatment and is able to enjoy life without getting too tired.

    When the RM say you can call them if your'e concerned I would do just that. In my experience they are very caring. I am in Sutton tomorrow.


  • Thank you Sarah. I hope all goes well for you today at Sutton.

    Thinking of you,

    Honey x

  • Hi Honey

    Good to read in your update that they are watching your daughter closely. You have been in my thoughts a lot. Hoping that the tretmant she is receiving will continue to help your daughter and that all is well at her scan in September. My own daughter has her next MRI next week, so it's a very worrying time for us too.

    Sending much love to you both K xx

  • Hi bluebee,

    thank you so much. Thinking of you and your daughter very much for next week and praying you get the news you want.

    Sending lots of love to you and your daughter too,

    Honey xx

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