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Up-date on DD

Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a good nine months about DD and it has been a good nine months! She was supposed to see her consultant in June but we missed the appointment in the sheer busyness of life - we blame her precocious younger sister who was taking all of her parents' time, making us drive her to rehearsals of a theatre production in which she was taking part later in the summer! We re-booked and saw the consultant yesterday, very briefly, for a quick chat and a quick prod! All appears to be well and she has an MRI booked for December 1st - last MRI was December 2014. She has another check up booked for April. We are loving the longer gaps between appointments - used to be an MRI scan every 3 months with a follow up the next week. DD has been rather more tired in the last five months but as she still has ME and Fibromyalgia we can easily put it down to that and she is not worried as all else is fine.

I do still follow the posts here but do not sign in as often as I used to. I find you all so inspiring and the support is amazing. Keep fighting ladies!!!

Love to you all

Honey xxxxx

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It's really lovely to read your post Honey as I often think of DD and your family and wonder how everything is going after such a long and hard-fought battle. I'm just thrilled it all seems to be going to plan now.

Aren't daughters wonderful! xxx love Annie

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Thank you Annie. I have to agree - daughters ARE wonderful! xxxx Love Honey


So lovely to see what a backseat DD's cancer has been able to take. Super. Long may it continue and good luck for the MRI in December.

Hope the theatre production well.

Love, Solange. :-)

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Thank you Solange. xxxx The theatre production was amazing.


What a lovely uplifting post! So pleased everything going well. And yes, as Annie rightly says, Daughters are wonderful!


Annette xxx

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Thank you Annette. Yes, daughters are wonderful. Love, Honey xxx


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