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It's me again! My daughter is due her next scan this Thursday. She has them every three months. She has been horribly unwell the last week or so - extremely tired, looks yellow sometimes, around the mouth and chin particularly and last night admitted she has been having abdominal pain on and off and is worried about herself. She hasn't been worried in this way since before her first big op and diagnosis, when she was also very yellow!! As I've mentioned, the two tumours she has left are benign and are still there because her team was not keen to do a hysterectomy and bowel re-section which would result in a permanent stoma in her case. She is on anti-hormone injections and Liviol. Her fear is a new tumour or tumours. I am trying not to worry as well! One good thing is that her Oncologist is very quick off the mark and if she needs to be referred to the Gynaey team in RM Chelsea it will happen fast. My daughter gets seen at RM Sutton usually.

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  • Dear Honey

    So sorry about this, such a worry for all of you (family) none of us want to see others go through this least of all your own daughter, you would rather it be yourself... It is good news that she has a speedy oncologist...you have been on my mind all weekend. love and prayers X G X

  • Thank you Gwyneth, much appreciated. XX

  • Dear honey

    You must be so worried.You are obviously a great support to your daughter.

    I am so glad to hear that she has the very best of medical attention.


  • Dear Honey,

    What a terrible time for you. You must be worried sick and at the same time trying to keep cool and positive for your daughter. I'm so sorry this is happening. All I can say is I hope the scan goes well on Thursday. At least I think you are in a centre of excellence for Ovarian Cancer. The Royal Marsden is where many people go for a private second opinion.

    Do let us know how your daughter is. I'll be thinking of you Thursday which is the day our office has to go on one of those awful 'Away Days'. I'd rather be with you holding out a hand of comfort.

    Love Annie xx

  • Dear Honey

    Do hope that all goes well for your daughter. We'd lay down our lives for our children.

    She has an oncologist who seems to not let the grass grow under his feet. And that is great to have

    We WILL all be thinking of you all on thursday

    Love suex

  • Thank you lovely ladies for your support. It's a great comfort to know you all understand.

    Love, Stella (aka Honey) xxx

  • Honey,

    Thinking of you and your daughter

  • Thinking of you and your daughter! It is so much worse when it is someone we love and can do nothing to take it away!

    Good luck for Thursday!


  • Dear Honey

    My thoughts are with you, I hope that all will be well with your daughter. I am in a similar situation with my own daughter and know only too well how you are feeling. It is so very hard to watch a daughter suffer. It sounds as though she is getting the best care, so take comfort and strength from that.

    Love, Kxx

  • Thank you Scardycat, MargaretJ and Bluebee. I am feeling a bit calmer. I am trying to be positive because I know my daughter IS getting the best care possible. Her Oncologist is a lovely lady and the Gynaey team at RM Chelsea is brilliant and we have every confidence that they will again do their very best for my daughter should more surgery be necessary.

    Bluebee, I know you understand more than most and I also understand your situation. Thank you for your thoughts.

    Love, Honey xx

  • Dear Honey

    All I have to say is that I was at Sutton on Monday and I am there again on Thursday (but as an in patient). I travel there all the way from Norwich and I think the team is brilliant. So for what its worth I am sure your daughter is getting the very best care. I have a lovely female oncologist too.

    I have teenage children (12 and 16) and I can't begin to imagine what it must be like to watch them suffer. It must be complicated because my instinct would be to mother them when at 18 I'm sure your daughter wants to be independent.

    I will be close and thinking of you all on Thursday.

    Love Sarah

  • Thank you Sarah. We travel from Sussex and we have been so impressed by the care at both Sutton and Chelsea - My daughter had two operations at Chelsea. The Gynaey team is just fab. Yes, I do want to mother her and I am fortunate in that we are very close and she is affectionate, but she is also quite fiercely independent at times, which is only right.

    I will be thinking of you on Thursday too. I cannot actually be there with my daughter on Thursday, but her older sister (20) will be with her. I am going to be watching my 11 year old daughter in a performing arts concert that afternoon! I wish I could be in both places at once!

    Love, Honey

  • Dear Honey

    Just read your blog and I can only imagine how your are feeling. I too have a lovely daughter and know how I would feel if she had this sodding illness instead of me. Just wanted you to know you are both in my thoughts. I wish you and her luck on Thursday. Lots of love and hugs coming your way. x x x

  • Thank you Chris x x x

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