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Another failed chemo regime!

Just back from the hospital where I got my results of my scan after 8 weeks on weekly taxol. This unfortunately hasn't worked at all and tumours have grown considerably and one now stuck to my colon.

My consultant wanted to put me forward for a trial they are doing at Addenbrookes but because I have hypertension I am not suitable for that particular one! So the next step is that she is referring me to the Marsdon to see what they have that may be suitable.

I feel quite angry that I have endured 5 months of chemo, which has made me feel quite unwell, all for nothing! I know they can't tell if something is going to work beforehand but I'm thinking that I could have had 5 months feeling well and doing more things. I know that's silly and that hindsight is a wonderful thing and we have to try everything we can to fight this horrible disease.

Let's just hope something can holt this for a while and give me a bit longer.

All the best to everyone

George x

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George I am so sorry ..what rotten news..I do hope that they will come up with something at the thought are with you love x G x


Sorry to hear what you have just been through.

Wishing you all the best with the Royal Marsden.

Hang on in there.

luv trish x


I know how you feel!!!! When I get angry I come on here and read about other peoples fights, and do gain strength from them. How I try to look at it is, it's not a wasted 5 or so months, it had to be tried. And if there is anything else, that has to be tried to. I hope and pray the marsdon has something for you...

Jules xxx


Sorry to read your news it really is a b....r isn't it.

Hope the Marsden can come up with something.

Love Marilyn xxx


Hi there George ..

Thinking about you as we read your news George , I guess Jules is right had to be tried but you must feel like banging your head against a brick wall at the mo ..

Have heard good things about trials at the Marsden .

Its forward again along that pathway xxx

Take good care now x

Love Jan xx


Thanks everyone will keep you informed

George xxxx



i hope u feelin a bit stronger and betta now... look forward and try and stay positive... its so hard... but u gotta keep going



Hi George,

I was thinking of you the other day. I'm so sorry this hasn't worked for you. I really hope the Marsden will be able to help. They have helped several other ladies on this site. I would still love to meet up with you if you want when you are up to it. Let me know.

I start my third line chemo of topetecan in October.

sending you lots of cyber hugs Jackie xxx


Thanks Jackie, we will manage to meet up one day hopefully I have my first appointment at the Marsden on Friday next week have got to be there at 9.30am so have decided to stay down in Sutton the night before, luckily my husband has the day off work as it is our anniversary on the Friday, what a way to spend what is probably our last wedding anniversary! Never mind I'm sure we can celebrate another day.

What days are you usually free in the week?

Good luck with your third line chemo in October hopefully can meet up before then.

Love George x


Dear George

Just to say I am thinking of you today and hope it has been a positive experience at the RM.

We often have to stay overnight near Sutton. We have used the Holiday Inn in Sutton - nice and anonymous which is what you want. But it can turn out to be quite pricey if you do it regularly.

We have also used the Holiday Inn Express (cheaper but new and smart) which is next to Epsom racecourse - far more picturesque than Sutton - and an easy journey to the hospital in the morning. The only snag is that you have to go to a nearby pub for an evening meal but its a short walk.

Well I very much hope that you will have to visit the RM again because that means they'l have something for you.

Love Sarah


Hi Sarah

That's so nice of you, I don't feel I'm much further forward after my visit to the RM today, it was more of a assessment to see if I am fit for a trial really, which they think I am thank goodness.

They are going to discuss me, and request samples of my tumours and biopsies from Addenbrookes, then see what might be suitable, I have to go back in 2 weeks.

In the meantime they are going to contact my consultant at Addenbrookes and advise to apply for funding for Avastin which she has said she is willing to do, this wont stop me from taking part in a trial as can have both.

We stayed at the Greyhound in Carshalton last night which was ok but would like to find somewhere with more comfy beds, the Holiday Inn was fully booked but might try that next time.

Have you been involved in trials or having treatment there at the moment?

All the waiting for decisions is a bit frustrating as I worry that things are getting worse all the time, I never have been a very patient person!

Hope you are well at present.

Love George x


Getting on to a trial can be a long business but at least it sounds like you passed the 'assessment'. I hope your application for Avastin is successful. I well remember the waiting and I certainly felt like I was fast running out of time but...

I have been on a trial at the RM for almost a year now and have reaped the benefits. We have to visit every 3 weeks so we can almost do the trip from Norwich in our sleep! I find all the staff at the RM to be very easy to deal with if that's any comfort.

Not sure where Carshalton is but if the beds aren't comfy I will give it a miss!

Good luck.

Love Sarah


Hi George,

I am working half days for the next two weeks. Then I will be driving a hovercraft on the 27th September but any other day that week would be okay.

I hope you manage to have a good anniversary and that the marsden come up with something for you so you can make next years as well. I really hope that there is good news for you on your special day.

Speak soon

Jackie xxx


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