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Hi I finished Chemo about three and a half months ago and still feel tired at times especially if I overdo things, i.e. hoovering. I would be interested to hear from anyone if they have pain in the hips and aching muscles. I also have a tight sensation in rlbs which prevents me from doing too much. I struggle to get up when sitting in the chair or upon arising from bed. I just don't have that spring in my legs I used to. Just hoping in time it gets better. I was diagnosed with stage 3 back in October 2015. After debulking surgery they found some cells and it was a prevention they took to make sure it did not reoccur again. Was given taxol and carboplatin. I am of the opinion that the side effects from carbo has made me feel this way. However, I was given the all clear and have come along way since May.

Would be grateful for any advice.


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  • When I read your post I thought you could be talking about me. Yesterday I went to the hospital and supermarket and then was wiped out for the rest of the day.

    Since chemo which finished in March I get tired easily and could just sleep for hours. My hips hurt but more so on the side of surgery I think this is just our bodies trying to recover from the onslaught. We weren't designed for chemo and surgery. So guess we are rebooting.

    Feet up and relax until it says ok we are recharged

    LA xx

  • Hi Lily,

    Mine is on the right side of the hip. Sometimes I do more than other days. The pain hurts during the night. I too don't sleep well since finishing Chemo. I suppose I am expecting too much since May and am on sickness benefit since last November. I am not sure how long this will continue as I am no way near to returning to work. This an added worry I wish I did not have.

    I will put my feet up now.



  • Thanks, Lily Anne. That's what everyone tells me, listen to your body, rest rest rest. I'm so tired of resting and feeling crappy. Just had last chemo Aug 15, and just because I'm done with treatment I feel my body should just get it together, I know it sounds silly but after being in treatments, surgery for 7 months I feel I've wasted enough time.

  • Hey Angela!

    I finished the same time as Lily Anne and I am the same! Only today I was thinking and wondering if I should be better but I do think LA is right I think we underestimate what the chemo and surgery can do to our bodies! Sometimes when I am getting up off the couch I don't think I will be able to make it I am so stiff and sore!!! It is getting better though!

    Hope you feel better soon also!


  • Hi D,

    That is how I am. I also feel warm at nights and get hot flushes. It is tiring not being able to sleep. My left hand is weak since Chemo finished so have been trying to do hand exercises. However, I am trying to remain positive as there is no other way. I am waiting for results to come back to rule out osteoporosis. The other reason for being tired could be portal hypertension diagnosed last year for which I take a tablet.

    Hope you continue to get better soon.


  • HI there and welcome to the site, believe me it is very early days yet and you will still feel tired and achy. Do some walking and build it up but also make sure you have a rest every day in bed preferably if not the sofa will do, You got the all clear so that is good so its really recovery from surgery and treatment, It can take up to a year or more to feel a little more normal, Take it easy ask for help with the house work and be kind to yourself,

  • Thanks, Suzuki. I just feel badly about my kids having to do so much for me. My kids are older and thank goodness my 22 year old is still home with me to help with chores, etc. I usually take a nap daily and feel better as,i can't sleep well either.

  • Gawd, what a guilt-ridden lot we are! Why shouldn't our kids help out a bit without our feeling bad? Bet you've done huge amounts for them over the years. In any case, if my lovely son /chemo buddy is anything to go by, they feel better if there's actually something they can do to help. Please don't beat yourself up and get as much rest as you can. You deserve it! Deb xx

  • Sounds like you've been through a lot. I'm just tired of being tired and tired of pain in my hips, pelvic area and all over at times. Its frustrating to not be able to make plans since I don't know how I'm going to feel day to day. I had breast cancer 8 years ago, ovarian 7 years ago and cancer free till this dreadful diagnosis. You sound like you're getting on the mend and I'm happy for you even though I don't know you.

  • Hi, thanks for posting this. Ugh I still sometimes struggle with low energy or stiffness. My surgery was exactly one year ago. I was diagnosed as stage 1c for clear cell. My last chemo was Jan 2016. I really thought in 3 weeks I would be back to where I was pre surgery. I have learned to stop all the expectations that I had as far as my recovert. Take each day as it comes. It does get better just be patient with yourself.

    Ps this site is so helpful. It reminds me that this a journey but we're not in it by ourselves.


  • I'm 6 weeks on Wednesday post op. Still feeling a tight pulling feeling at the bottom right hand side of my tummy. I'm also getting a pulling sensation on the left hand side of my waist too. Still quit tired and have a nap most afternoons as not sleeping too well. I suppose I was thinking it's because I'm still on chemo but I am now realising that I could be like this for a while. Xx

  • Hope you feel better soon. I will heed the advice and have a nap now. Hope you start to have more energy soon.xx

  • Post op recovery was 7 weeks for me. The pulling sensation I remember well, especially behind my belly button. The surgeon cut through muscle, tissue, fat, of course it's going to take time to heal.

  • Hi Angela,

    I commented the other day that I am still tired after finishing chemo 18 months ago.

    I nap when I need to in between doing all day to day chores.Spent all morning in the garden and I am now resting watching the olympics.I don't know why I thought I'd be any different,I am trying to build up my strength and fitness as best I can, but it is difficult if you haven't the energy.

    I think we shouldn't feel guilty about being tired, I was told we can loose up to 50% muscle from cancer and chemo, so it is no surprise it is difficult climbing stairs or getting up.

    It is still very early for you,go with how you feel and rest when you need to,

    Best wishes,

    Carole xxx

  • Hi ladies,

    I think you're all true warriors! I was fortunate not to need chemo but 2 ops in 2 months has left me wiped out (& I'm 33 & previous to all this nonsense, was at the gym 4-5 times a week!!)...I read someone say on another post it can take a whole year for your body to recover, just from a general anaesthetic!! I think it's time we were all kinder to ourselves.

    I can't imagine what it must be like to have to battle chemo after surgery...when our bodies are already at our weakest & most vulnerable, but rest & 'listening' to our bodies seems to be key. And NOT feeling guilty about taking it easy.

    I just wanted to send my love, thoughts & prayers out to you all, at your various stages of battle. Love yourself first 💕

    Jemima xx

  • Hi Ladies

    I finished chemo in May and I still struggle to get off the sofa! I spent today in the garden and it's amazing how hard simple tasks are now-a bit of weeding and I'm wiped out! I get so frustrated sometimes I could scream. I used to be able to dig happily all day. It's good to know I'm not alone and that it does get better, eventually.

    I get a pain in my right side if I stretch too much. I'm pretty sure it's adhesions from surgery, so I might have to live with it. It's the lack of stamina I can't live with.

    I find using a walking pole if we're out walking helps a lot. I used to use one before and I find it even more useful now. In fact, I often use a walking stick if we're out just shopping etc.

    I will always feel guilty about taking it easy-I'm not a taking it easy sort of person! Feels like I'm wasting what time I might have left.

    Sorry about the mini-rant!

    lou xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Lou

    Poor you. I am very much into gardening. I did some weeding and digging and used the secateurs to cut back things. Spent a couple of hours doing that and then did not do much more for the rest of the day. I bought myself a knee wheeler to assist myself when I bend down and this has helped me so much. It also helps when you need to get up. I would recommend you continue gardening as it is good for the mind and in time you will be able to do more. I am gradually doing more but just have to pace myself.

    Don't worry about the rant.

    Best wishes to you



  • Thanks Angela

    I kept the gardening going all through chemo and it kept me sane! The fatigue only really hit during the last 2 cycles but I'm struggling to get rid of it. I tried Avastin after chemo and that made it worse so I've stopped. I'm probably being too impatient-it is getting better.




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