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Up-date on my dear daughter

As I have mentioned previously: For the last three months my dd has been very tired and unwell. She was concerned about herself before the last scan in June and although the scan showed nothing new and her problem has been treated with two different medicines, she still has pain. Three months is a long time to be in pain, albeit not constantly - pain which often disturbs her sleep. Yesterday we made our third trip to the GP and he agreed that the situation can't go on. He is writing to dd's oncologist, has given dd something a bit stronger than paracetamol or ibuprofen and this afternoon she is going to our local hospital to have bloods taken for several tests. (We saw the GP at the end of the day, so the Path lab was shut). She has also had some abdominal pain on and off during the three months and whilst the GP said it could be gall stones he wasn't entirely convinced. Dd is very worried that the pain means a new ovarian tumour and the pain in her bowel means either new and aggressive activity or increased growth of the benign tumour, which is, as you know, still there and being treated with the anti-hormone injections.

The GP is hoping the MRI scan can be brought forward and I have rung the RM to try and get that process started - the Oncologist's PA is on the case.

Honey :(

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Thank you for the update..I do hope it is not what you fear..a gallstone is very painful but not dangerous so I hope if anything it will be that thoughts and with you and still praying

for you all love x G x :-)


Thank you Gwyn. The pain does not really match the pain of gallstones which is why the Dr is not convinced. Bringing the scan forward will help us to know sooner what we are dealing with. I hope that it IS something as simple as gallstones, but I am not sure. The other pain has to have a cause though and I think that is the one that is upsetting dd because she wants, above all things, to avoid a bowel re-section and permanent colostomy bag. If it has to happen, then it has to, but naturally she would rather not have it.

Prayers much appreciated x Honey x


Honey.. I think you are right as gallstone pain is quite high up...and this doesn't sound as if it is there...I had a gallstone..and have had my gallbladder removed it was the worse pain I have ever experienced....I have since had cancer twice but would say the gallstone pain was the worse pain x G x :-)


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