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Is anyone taking Avastin as well as Taxol/Carboplatin as part of their Chemo regime?

It was suggested by my oncologist that given the advanced nature of my condition that there might be some advantge in combining Avastin to my chemo regime. However the funding request has so far been refused by the Cancer Drugs Fund on the basis that I do not meet the criteria as I am not suitable for debulking surgery and trials of Avastin explored the impact on individuals who had had surgery first. Is it worth me considering self funding this treatment? How would that work?

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I am sorry I am not much help with this, you could ring the helpline on Monday and ask Ruth Payne's advice tel 0845 371 0554 or 0207 299 6650 sending you my best wishes love x G x



I was given avastin as part of my chemo regime, and having just finished chemo 3 weeks ago I am now on avastin indefinitely as maintenance therapy. I live in Singapore so cannot comment on self funding. On the American ovca support site, Inspire, there have been many many discussions recently on Avastin, many members have it either as part of their chemo or as maintenance, so it may well be worth having a look there. If you do, I would advise you to become a member as lots of the discussions are only viewable by members.

Good luck, Monique


Hi Monique, I would listen toyour oncologist. I am on gem/carb as 2nd line - I am 3 in out of 6 and doing very well. However, I have had total de bulking surgery last June 2011 - with all clear after the 6 carb/taxol. Unforunately, I had another flare up in May this year. But Ihad the op. Do not go down the self funding line for Avastin -- it is SO expensive!!! I am being considered for it also but on NHS. Waiting to hear. Speak to your docs?

Good luck!!


Hi Fannyannie

did you mean this reply for leftleg? Most healthcare here in Singapore is private, so our insurance company pays for the Avastin.



I'm Interested in Avastin as well. Does anyone know what criteria you need to fit into now? It would be almost impossible to self fund due to its cost, it's some thing like £1000 or more per transfusion I think.

Hope you manage to get it left leg.


avastin hasnt even been passed for funding yet in n. ireland!Our assembly has to pass to release funding and have been told that even when funding money is released, it will only be available to 1st. line chemo o.c. patients who are 3c. i think it is so unfair and should be offered to all patients who would benefit from it as I am in 3rd. line chemo ,I wont be considered even though I am 3c, and that maddens me as its peoples lives at stake.Its a post code lottery.We are so behind the rest of the far as new drugs are concerned.Seems like money is more important than people.One girl I know of the local community raised 1300 pounds every 3 weeks to pay for her drugs for treatment of breast cancer as our assembly turned her down and the drug was being funded in the rest of the u.k.!She took tem to court and lost but appealed and after 2yrs. won the appeal as she had raised public opinion and profiled her case in the press.Terrible having to go through cancer. and then have to battle to get the drugs to help youShe was only middle 30s and her child was 7yrs. old.I live in hope that it will not come to late to help me.x


We have been told that avastin is pretty routine in the US and some other countries. It has been shown to have a significant effect with OC after trials. It has been less effective with breast cancer apparently. It is being given by some health boards in England after clinical advice and using the cancer fund. It has been suggested to us that it would apply to the cycles after de-bulking surgery. Without access to funds it would cost £30,000.


I have been on Avastin having fulfilled the criteria i.e. first line chemo patient with advanced cancer (stage 3c). I took it along with carboplatin and taxol until the end of May this year and then continued with just Avastin as a maintenance chemo. I was told by my oncologist that in trials Avastin has been found to extend life expectancy by 4 to 6 months. It is not a miracle drug and will not kill cancer cells it is just meant to stop the tumours from growing any bigger. It hasn't worked for me and I have just been taken off it as my CA125 is rising. I know someone who funded it privately several years ago when it first hit the news as a breast cancer drug, she spent over £50,000 and it didn't work for her. It obviously works for the majority of people or it wouldn't have been approved by NICE, I would go with the advice of your oncologist who will have all the relevant statistics.

Good luck,

Liz X


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