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4th Chemo done !

4th Chemo done !

Hi Everyone,

Well chemo No 4 is done and I have been told I will be having my operation in September, then I have 2 more chemos in November.

Also my CA125 levels are now 29 not bad as in May they were 2700. I have booked a whole week off work as after number 3 I felt pretty tired and my body ached all over, so I plan a weekend in bed with my new book, Yes its 50 shades of Grey its just got to be done. Hope all you ladies out there are doing well and enjoying some nice weather now.

I will be writing Blogs while I'm off as I noticed I am way down the list Our Gwyn is top blogger Well done Gwyn.

Lots of love and Hugs to everyone Babs x x x

Re the photo I have added this is how I look at the moment with no hair in my profile picture I have my wig on but I`m hoping by the end of next year my hair will be at the stage I can go out without a wig.

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Hi Babs,

You are one very brave lady...well done with your'll get there it just seems are one top blogger in my book..I just posted a poem for Shen as her little dog story... I read today on the joke blog is soooo cute..sending you my love x G x :-)


Thank you Gwyn I think we are all brave ladies we go through a lot of S---t but it seems worth it to spend time with our friends and family. Time is so precious now .

Love Babs :-)


Hi Babs

Just wanted to wish you well for the op. Glad you are now taking it a bit easier. The chemo seems to build up and you do get tired the further on you go. But it looks like it's working so is all worth it. Love and hugs coming your way.

Chris x x

P.S. hair or no hair you are still a beautiful lady.


Thank you Chris for that lovely message. Loosing my hair was very upsetting , but compared to all the other thing I have been through during my chemo losing my hair is now bottom of the list. At least I'm still here and my hair will grow back. And on the plus side as they say there are no bad hair days now , just shower pop my wig on and a bit of make up and all done. I even sold my GHD hair straighteners on eBay last week and got £42.00.

Love and Hugs Babs x x x


Hi Babs,

Good Luck with your op in Sept. You look lovely in your picture it shines out from the inside.

I agree that you do get tired with more chemo, but its easy to work around it.

This book has a lot to answer for, never known so many ladies buying it !!! Happy Reading LOL.

Take Care,

Luv Kefi x x


I have started reading it and so far so good, I told my husband to read it after me, as its full of ideas LOL

Love Babs x x


Hi Babs You look brilliant and good for you for posting up your pic. I think we should all take to the streets to show how beautiful we are with no hair. If it's not yet as fashionable for us ladies as it is for our men-folk it's just that we're covering up our beautiful heads.

Put your feet up and enjoy your book. Love your blogs. Xx Annie


Hi Annie,

Thank you for your lovely comment, I wanted to show other ladies its not that bad losing your hair.

I was devastated at first but just knowing the chemo has worked and I am having my operation next month and my AC124 levels are down to 29 now, has made everything worth it. I don't think I would have the courage to go out in the street with no hair but I am used to my wigs now.

Love and Hugs to you from Babs x x x


hi babs

i admire u for posting ur picture, u look lovely. i hope and pray the chemo and your operation work and u have a lond remission.

all the best


p.s. u must read the poem gwyn wrote, its brilliant....x


Hi Shen,

I must be stalking you haha go to bed haha x G x :-)


I always read the poems Gwyn writes she is such a clever lady x x


Hi Babs,

Thank you for that comment...Shen was up late last night haha..(I'm always up late) reading your comment to Annie do you mean...ca125..? LOL.. not ac 124 ???.. I think your computer is like mine it puts in what it wants.. haha even after I correct it changes my words when I post..or is it chemo brain?

Lots of love x G x 8-) (hoping for sun)


Dear Doreen

Well done to you for getting your markers down to 29, mine too were 29 this week after 6 chemos, lowest they have every been in two years so Im thrilled as you should be and Once you have that op out the way you can start to look forward. Fab picture too, I take my wig off to you!! Lots of love to you for your op. Take the best care xx


Hi Babs,

Just wanted to wish you all the best for the next few weeks, I hope the operation and subsequent chemo all work well. Your photo is lovely - keep that smile going!!

Lots of love,

Liz X


Hi Babs,

Just wanted to say they can wipe out your hair... but not your smile..from one egg head to another haha although I am not that eggy now LOL hope you are doing ok on no4 ...

( lovely pic) love x G x :-)


Hi Babs,

So pleased to hear your news and good luck with your op in September. Love your photo - you look great !! Even with my makeup I, looked like a little old man.

Have a lovely restful week off. I've heard a lot about THAT book - perhaps you should have the week in bed with the book AND husband !?!? I've not read it yet asI'm waiting to have it passed on to me by my Daughter.

Love Solange


Hi Babs!

Love the new pic. Good on you! I am glad you're having a bit of time off work, you need to look after yourself.

Great idea to have an uplifting (????!!!!!!!! ) :-0 reading plan too.

I just wanted to add my love and good wishes to you. I'll be away on my hols from Saturday, so won't be in touch for two weeks. When is your op scheduled for? Good luck with it all. There's loads of advice on back threads on here about preparing for operations or hysterectomy. I look forward to hearing how you are when I get home. You are such a positive lady, I am sure you will cope and your family and friends on here will support you all the way. Now .............get blogging!

Love Wendy xx


Hi Babs . First what an inspiration posting your picture , we should be proud of what we come through and as you say losing hair is bottom of the list . I found the chemo effects do build up and resting is important . Great about the reading plan but may increase the old heart rate a bit lol , Congratulations your results are very positive and hope surgery goes great .




Thank you everyone who commented on my Blog. I'm counting the days now till my operation although I have not been sent an exact date I know it should be sometime in September. I just keep thinking 2013 will be a good year for me and everyone else going through OC. Love and Hugs to everyone Babs :-)


Catching up .... as just home today ...

Love your photo ...

Hoping that everything goes well for your op .... most important thing after is to rest and have a little exercise each day ..helps with the wind !!!!!

Hubby and I were reflecting while on hols re the past few months since my op and chemo , loss of hair and re growth .... At the end of Dec could not get my own socks on but we have moved on a lot since then and theses past two weeks we have been out walking very steep hills and feel so much better for it .Just after the op you think that you can never feel right again but you will a little bit more each day .

I am not covering my head now at all ...Hair started growing in July .... Have had some strange looks ..but thats other peoples problems not mine .... I have loved to watch it grow each week know how you feel about losing your hair xxxx

Take good care now xxxx

Love Jan xxx


Thanks Jan for your encouraging words. I can grow my hair again like everyone else but this time it will be grey I don't mind as long as I'm around to spend time with the family. I am looking forward to the operation in a strange way as they will be ridding me of this thing inside me and hopefully I will feel like the Old Babs come the new year. Running round everyone and being a Mum and Nana again. Will keep updates coming in September Love and Hugs Babs x x x x


Dear Babs

How has your weekend been? I hope it was not as bad as you thought it may be. Have you finished your book?

I am so glad to hear that your CA125 is down. Well done with all your positive outlook & looking after yourself.

You look lovely without your wig & you are very brave to post the picture, It certainly inspires confidence in me to feel ok about losing my hair. You look very pretty with your wig too.

I pray that all goes well for you in the forthcoming weeks & good luck with your op.

Lots of love & hugs, Samixa X :-)


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