Well ladies! Today was a bit of a turning point I went to work without my wig! It was driving me crazy yesterday in the heat so decided it was time to air the barely there new hair!!! It went down a treat with everyone telling me it really suited me!! It's done now so no more wig for me!!!!!

It was a good day today!!!

Onwards and Upwards!!!

Hope you are all well!


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  • Well done D, it is a milestone isnt it? Dont forget to use plenty of conditioner, not the aussie one as hairdressers dont seem to like it as it strips the colour. If you want get Boots own hair skin and nails capsules, and in no time your hair will be nice and thick and healthy. It has worked for me. So yes congrats and on wards and upwards. I am stable and happy with that to be honest. My chemo friend who isnt on this blog has had a recurrence we finished Avastin the same time. I am upset about it because she seems to have a rare recurrence, her symptoms were numbness on one side and she didnt see her gp for a week her choice. So she had now had surgery awaiting an mdt meeting for a plan of action. She is quiet young in comparison to me. My heart goes out to her but the onc is happy that treatment will work. I left the hospital today grateful to be able to be independent, and mobile and able to drive. This is my first drug free summer for a while and I hope to make the best of it.

  • Sorry to hear about your friend, that must have hit you hard. Her Onc is positive and that's good plus you will support her and be there for her which us good too.

    Take care

    Clare x

  • Sorry about your friend Joan! My cousins daughter who is only 18 and was just about to start her leaving cert on Weds was diagnosed with Leukemia! She just started her Chemo she's just so young to be going through something like that it seems so damn unfair!!!! Cancer is just so cruel sometimes!!! It makes me very grateful for each and every day!!!


  • Oh D that is terrible, I agree no young person should have to face a diagnosis and treatment. Many Leukemias are very treatable. I have a friend who has CLL I wont begin to spell it, she has it for about twelve years. She is on a new treatment similar to Avastin but in tablet form. She has been on it for a year, had a few hicupps but antibodies monthly has solved that for her. It must be horrenduous on your cousin and her family and of course her daughter. I will say a little prayer for a good response to treatment.

  • Thanks Joan! It's Acute Myeloid Leukemia that she has but they have got it early and started her on treatment straight away so hopefully she will be ok!

    Enjoy the weekend it's a bit wet here though! Ah well it wasn't going to last!!


  • I wish your cousins daughter the best outcome. Weather changed here also, had rain last night and had a man ready to paint my window sills today but he perservered and got them done but it is dampish now again, I hope our summer comes back

  • Well done, its a big step but once its done thats it and I remember feeling quite liberated when I first went wigless at work, I did mine on a friday, our dressdown day, everyone reacted so well, lots of hugs and lovely comments, people can be so kind. Glad youve got that out the way. Kathy xx

  • Yes Kathy it was truly liberating and has relegated my wig to the head of a soft toy!!!! Will need the hats for a while if only to stop the top of my head from burning!!!😀

    Hope you are well!


  • I'm glad you managed to do that, it's a good feeling but I expect you were a little apprehensive. It's a great step and hopefully you will continue to find your hair grows thicker and stronger. I use(d) Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner - all natural with no additives.

    Clare xx

  • Thanks Clare!

    Have to start thinking properly about hair products now! Must pick up some liz earle your not the only one to recommend them!

    Hope you are well!


  • Hi, well done foir going wigless to work and admiration for being able to work also. Superwoman! Ann xo

  • Thanks Ann!

    Not superwoman by any stretch!!! Work has kept me sane along with all of you!!!

    Hope you are well!


  • Yay 👍

  • I'm counting down the days.....I've been wrapping my hair in scarves which actually I'm loving....can colour code my head with my clothes!

    Actually come to think of it I might struggle to give up the scarves!

    l lost all my hair this time round, and it's starting to come back but you can probably count the number of hairs growing on 2 hands!

    Can't wait for the eyelashes and eyebrows to make a reappearance, I've missed those the most...

    All the best


  • Dawn!

    I so know what you mean about the eyebrows I was ecstatic when they started coming back! They came back quickly too and better than before!! Yay!!!!

    I wish the same for you!


  • I'm feeling like that myself. I can't believe how fast my hair is growing. We head off to NYC in 2 weeks time and I can't face a long haul flight with my wig so I'm seriously considering not wearing it at all.

    Go you D

    Onwards and upwards 😘😘

  • It was the heat that finally convinced me to lose the wig! I defo wouldn't be able to wear it for a long flight either but bring a hat in case your head is cold planes get quiet cold sometimes!!!!

    Have a fab time in NYC! I am heading in Sept and can't wait!!!


  • Hooray - another milestone on your road to wellness! X x

  • Hooray - another great milestone on the recovery road! X x

  • Thanks Littlesan!

    Hope you are well!


  • Fantastic! I can't wait to get to that stage. My hair has just started coming back which has given me the confidence to go hatless around the house and garden. Can't wait to get some eyebrows-I got some templates to help me draw them back on but I'm not that good at it. Can't stand my wig for long, it's so scratchy.

    Now you can hopefully start to put the whole awful buisness behind you!

    Love to all. Be well.


  • Hey Lou!

    Don't give up on the stencils it took me a while but I got the hang of them and no one knew they weren't my own eyebrows! Mine have grown back now and am very happy about that! The eyebrows freaked me out more than anything else!!!

    Hope your feeling well!


  • Thanks! I might try some of the other shapes and perhaps a lighter eyebrow pencil.

    Feeling pretty good now. Just had my post-chemo CT scan so fingers crossed for the results!

    Lou xx

  • My sister has alopecia totalis and uses Stila pencil (light) from M&S , it's fab and you'd never know they weren't real. A really good colour too, I made the mistake of practicing with a too dark pencil....what a scream!., since my Taxol has been reduced in strength I've kept my eyebrows (apart from they look very plucked!)

    Clare x

  • I use a little brush with eyebrow powder it's so much easier. I think I would struggle too with the pencil. I bought mine from Bobbie Brown but all the cosmetics companies do them. I stick on the template and fill in the space with little brushing action.

    I still have some eyebrows so the hardest bit I find is lining up the template with the eyebrows I have left. 😉

    Keep on going it gets easier xx

  • Many thanks for the advice about eyebrow powder. I got a little kit when I was in Wilko the other day and it's so much easier to use. They actually look like eyebrows now!!

    Lou xxxxxx

  • That's great I'm delighted that I could help.

  • Super! All the best, most be so liberating.

  • Cheers Jan!

    Hope you are well!


  • Congratulations D another milestone completed, onwards and upwards enjoy each day at a time.

    Ellsey xx

  • That's it Ellsey!

    Hope you are not feeling too bad!

    Onwards and UPWARDS!


  • Congratulations Dee that is a real milestone. I am a week behind you and my hair is noticeably growing back and even peeping out from under my cap at the back! Soon I shall be making the same announcement as you on here except I am retired .

    Hope you have a lovely wigless weekend!


  • It's lovely isn't it.To feel the breeze and the Sun. As soon as my hair started to come in I went without a hat. It was lovely.It seems to have been longer this time growing back. But it's thicker.My eyelashes came in but I'm starting to lose them again.They will grow back,this happened the last time. Megxx

  • Brilliant well done D, I remember when I went without my scarf and it felt fab. I love Liz Earle products and highly recommend them. You are lucky my eyebrows were the last to come back but they look great when they did appear, I struggled with loosing my eyelashes a eyebrows the most.

    Wishing you well D take care




  • Cheers Karen!

    Hope all is good with you!


  • Good for you D. I never wore one myself and at the moment am pretty bald.



  • Oh I bet that felt absolutely wonderful! xx

  • Well done you!! I just can't do it.. wig for work but any other time ie shopping I go wig less... Doesn't that seem strange.. You have got me thinking tho! Michelle x

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