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Glue or tape ????

Hi just wanted to ask does anyone use a special tape or glue to fix their wig in place. I started wearing my wig yesterday. At the moment I still have a thin layer of hair but I am hoping to get it shaved off Thursday and was thinking about sticking my wig to my head. As I am worried about it moving. If anyone does use a tape please could you advise me where to get it. Thanks everyone Love Babs x x :-)

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I actually bought a roll of tape but have never used it. You'll probably find that when your hair has completely gone, the wig will feel very secure. I've been out in all sorts of winds, even the real gusty type when you turn a corner you get hit in the face by it and my wig has never moved at all.

Although my hair has grown quite a bit it's not long enough for me to feel comfortable going out without my wig but it still stays put at all times.

Love Cathy xx


Hi Cathy, I have ordered some tape, but this morning when I was putting my wig on I noticed there was an adjustable strap at the back so I tightened it up and it feel a lot better now. I feel quite confident wearing it although its only my second day. Thanks for your reply Love Babs x x


Ive got alopecia and have abt 6 wigs and am petrified to wear them out incase the blow off...


Hi Babs,

Like Cathy, I never found I needed the tape although I did try it to begin with - even with no hair it didn`t seem to stck. Having said that my cousin who was going through breast cancer at the same time as me, swore by the tape.

If a wig fits snug it shouldn`t move. I had three one wasn`t as good a fit as the others but then I do have a small head.

I sometimes use to use a stocking wig cap kind of made from tight material. it helped the wig grip better especially with a bit of hair. Although this worked wonders it seemed to make my head even hotter.

Warning:- Last summer when I was finding the wigs very hot, I bought a light weight one which would have been brilliant had it fit snug enough. It had lots of holes through it and I could feel a breeze through my scalp as you would do with real hair however, I bramble branch caught in one of the holes and as I walked away it pulled the wig off leaving my head in its birthday suit. There was only about 200 wedding guests in bulls eye view of my disaster, my friend cries and I howled with laughter because everyone elses face was a picture of shock.

Well, you know how stuffy weddings can be and this one was posh - the ice between guests never seem to be broken until after the speaches when everyone starts to chill out a bit with some booze, the disco starts and everyone has a ball. My wig came off and everyone relaxed immediatelly, brill - The grooms god mother loses her wig in the tree - the fascinator remained in tact. Apologies for those who have heard this story a milion times.

But trust me the wig only came off because the tree branch got stuck in it and pull it off, it never moved in the wind but I did have this habbit of holding onto it in the wind just as you would do if wearing a hat. It must have looked a bit odd me walking down the high street with my hand on my head but It was just instinct I never actually realised I was doing it - but did I care? After what I had been through nope, I didn`t care one high otter!!!

I did find that my wigs felt as though they were slipping up in the nape of the neck, I had this other habbit of constantly pulling it back down - until my friend pointed out people were starring, LOL! Well, we have to laugh, don`t we?

Good luck with yours Babs - love from Tina xxxx


Hi Babs

I didn't use tape, just adjusted it when slack. but as I said earlier I wear a wig cap (or linerI I feel it keeps it fresher cutting down the need to wash it too often (you can get cotton liners) you can also turn it inside out and wipe the inside with a sponge or flannel I wipe mine with Sanex also if you wish you can spray it inside with a deodorant. It will deteriorate quicker if it is washed too much.. all the best love x G x :-)



Just loved your story - yes, it's a good job we can laugh at ourselves!! I was at my son's wedding in May and we're Scottish so of course part of the evening was a ceilidh. I was terrified that when I was twirling during the Gay Gordons my wig would get caught in somebody's buttons on the sleeve of their kilt jacket and get pulled off. So I'm afraid that being the coward I am - I disappeared off to the loo every time there was any danger of that happening!

Cheers. Cathy xx


Hi Babs .

I havent used any tape or glue . I think once all hair gone may feel more secure . Also when you start wearing your wig you can be very self consious of it falling off . You hopefully will get used to wearing it (but heres hoing not for too long)




Babs, I'm the same.. tape just felt uncomfortable for me so I adjust the wig.. I been on a boat on the Thames on a really windy day, and it stayed put :) fiddling with it causes mine to move more than the wind so once I stopped myself doing that, it was fine.

I think the problem is it feels strange wearing it at first, so you feel its going to slip at any minute, but after a while you will get use to it... Tina, I loved that story lol!!!

xxx hugs to you all



Hi Babs,

I have some tape! I bought it at a fancy underwear shop! La Senza! It is double sided sticky tape developed for preventing accidents with plunging necklines! I used it to hold lighter weight silky scarves on in summer. It does feel odd though and can be uncomfortable.

It is a bit awkward to use! I found just a few small patches were the best but I am not sure that it would be so good with a wig but then I chose not to wear the wig!

I love Tina's story! The wig, with fascinator attached, stuck in a tree and the wedding guests faces! Priceless!

Good luck!



hi Babs,

I never used tape or glue with my wig. Just after starting to wear my wig it was my youngest sons birthday and he wanted to go bowling and to the beach with 6 of his friends. On the beach it was really windy and at the start I kept my hand on top of my head - just in case.

I had visions of my wig blowing off and rolling down the beach with 7 young boys chasing it!!

I soon realised though that it wasn't moving at all so relaxed.

I have also driven in a convertible car and had no problems. Keep the back bit adjusted (as it loosens over time) and you will be fine.

Cheers Jackie




Living in a very windy part of Spain, the first time I went out with my wig on, it went one way and I the other - how embarrassing. I am now 5 and 1/2 years later back to wigs and I ALWAYS use wig tape. I anchor a small piece in the middle of the forehead and then a small piece either side of the head just above the ears. I personally wouldn't shave my head. I am allergic to the product the wigs are made of and I have to wear a scull cap underneath when all the hair has gone, these I find so very hot. My hairdresser has just trimmed it to a very, very short cut and in our climate of 40c today I am about the house quite coolly. Although I would not leave the house like this. It is also cooler to wear a wig without a scull cap - although you may not need one.

I am also considering having permanent eyebrows done, as at least they give some features to the face and always wear eye shadow and eye liner as this gives some definition to the eyes.

Hope this helps.

Anna x

PS. don't bother with the shaped pieces of tape, they are useless, just buy a roll.


Having your eyebrows done permanently is a great idea, I had actually had mine done a few months before I was diagnosed in 2008, not cheap, I'm in Australia and it cost me over $400 back then, but what a difference it made when I lost my hair, I still enjoy the benefits of not having to shape my eyebrows, my hair didn't seem to grow back as much there anymore, good luck with the wigs, I didn't like them, found them too hot and uncomfortable. Jorja


Just a PS to the eyebrows, I had light brown hair so eyebrows were done same, my hair grew back salt and pepper colour which I chose not to colour so light coloured eyebrows were ok, you might need to wait to see what colour your hair grows back to check what colour you need or make sure they are not too dark to suit whatever colour grows back, you can always darken but not lighten them.


The first few times I wore my wig I was really insecure. I felt like it was slipping and people were staring.

But I tightened it up, and it helped a lot.

I also find that putting it on and going through a range of exaggerated motions and facial expressions (before you style it, lol) helps, because it will get the wig into a place where it won't move around so much.

I do head check type motions like when I'm driving, head nods, head shakes, and a fair bit of eyebrow wriggling because I have very expressive eyebrows that I generally can't control, lol.

It looks/feels absurd, but it gets the wig in just the right spot :)


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