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Sore head ?

Hi Ladies,

just after some advise again, as my last two problems were solved by the lovely ladies on Overcome. My problem is now most of my hair has fallen out my head is sore on the top. I do wear my wig every day at work but as soon as I get home I take it off and put on a cotton hat. I have tried Aloe Vera cream which is fine when you put it on as it cools my head but its still sore. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this and if so what did you use. Thanks to you all Love Babs x x

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Hi Babs

I had a sore head when I first started chemo and my hair was falling out. I didn't do anything and it went away of its own accord. I occasionally get a little soreness but it rarely lasts long.

Hope yours will go away soon too.



Hi Babs,

I too had a sore head all through chemo and like you I wore my wig quite a lot but always took

it off as soon as was possible, and wore my cotton hat.I was told by my chemo nurse to wash

my head with baby shampoo when having a shower and I think it did help a bit. I now have a slight covering of baby fluff but still get a bit of soreness and lots of itching.

Hope this is some help to you.

Angelina x


Hi Babs

I had this at the start until and for a few weeks after hair came out - scalp was really tender.

It settled in time . In the house i tend to go bald and not were anything (this is a personal choice) I used just a mild shampoo on the scalp but no creams . Mine too has now started to regrown and feels like fluff

Hope this helps



Hi Ally

,Thanks for the advise, glad your hair is growing back now. I just have a few bits left I was going to shave it all off but because my head is sore I have decided to leave it for a week or so.

Love and hugs Babs x x


I found I had quite a sore head while I still had some hair/stubble left. I got my husband to shave it so my scalp was completely smooth and that stopped the soreness. Might be worth a try.

Love Cathy xx


Hi Babs,

also a cotton under the wig protector cap may help a little, sometimes the mesh of a wig can be irritating especially when the scalp is sensitive after chemotherapy.

Try to be wig free in the house as much as possible too but be careful in the garden we are in for some hot weather next week so remember we are more prone to sunburn after chemotherapy too. so always use sun bloke everywhere that is expossed, don`t forget the little places too such as the ears.

I`d suggest a cotton scarf maybe more comforatable in the hotter weather, even at work. You may find the wig quite intolerable in the heat.

love Tina xx


Hi babs

I remember that my head was sore when my hair came out, apparently it's the hair follicles becoming sensitive as the hair comes out.

it should ease up once its all gone.

Hope this helps- I ended up shaving all mine off, I think it helped me as I felt more in control rather than waiting for it all to come out.




Hi Babs

I used to put aqueous cream on my head, it really did help and is so cheap for a huge tub. As my chemo went on my skin became really dry so I used it on my body to, and its very safe and unperfumed. It will pass eventually, so good luck.

Hope you are feeling ok have a good weekend.

Love Linda xx


Hi Linda, Hope you are well, I will try that cream where do you get it from ? I tried baby shampoo this morning when I had my shower and its ok at the moment. I am off to work now so have my wig on. Its after a few hours it starts to get sore and as soon as I get home off comes the wig and on goes the hat Sheer Bliss. Love and hugs Babs x x


Dear Babs,

Probably a really silly question for me to ask but did you wash your wig before you started wearing it.

I didn't wash my first wig before wearing and my head was really sore but with the wig I have at the moment I did wash before wearing and it has been fine.

Love Marilyn :)


Hi Marilyn,

No I did not wash my wig before I wore it. I had been wearing in for 2 weeks and suddenly though i better wash it as it must be due. I washed it on Thursday as I was off work. So now it should be ok. I will wash my other wig which I bought in case I have any mishaps to see if it stops making my head sore. Thanks for the advise. That's what I love about this site no matter what the problem I always find the answer here. Love and Hugs Babs x x


Hi Babs

sorry I didnt see your question yesterday, but at least you managed to find it. Think you can find it in any chemist or even supermarkets. I always used to use baby shampoo on my head during chemo, since its started growing back i have been using kelp shampoo from Lush as its supposed to help with growth (I'll try anything!). Oooh i know that feeling when you take it off ..... heaven! Unfortunately its worse in this heat, not that Im complaining.

Hope work went ok today, Im sure you are right as I found because I didn't work I used to sit at home and just worry all the time. At least with working you dont have time to think, as long as you dont overdue it.

Love & hugs Linda xx


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