Almost gone !!!

Well today I am going to work in my wig for the 1st time. Must admit I feel a bit nervous. I have changed my profile picture so you can see me in my wig, which is very similar to my original hair style. This morning when I had my shower my hair came out in handfuls and my husband said it looked very thin on top so I thought the time has come to wear my wig and hopeful people wont notice too much. Just have to remember to carry my umbrella now as I don't want it getting wet. Just hope we don't have gales don't want to be chasing it down the street.

Love and Hugs to everyone. Babs x x x

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  • Wow, Babs, I love it! I mean I really do like it shorter and think it suits you very well. Good luck with going into work. Bet you'll get loads of compliments. xxx Annie

  • Well went to work and everyone said " Like your hair the high lights are really nice." Nobody said it looked like a wig they even asked if I had it done at Toni and Guy. Thought I not that rich !

  • Good on you Babs. That took a lot of courage. Loads of love xxx Annie

  • Lovely Babs.. Best wishes x G x :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Thanks Gwyn I can always rely on you to leave a great comment, love you Babs x x :-)

  • Hi Babs,

    I knew everyone would love your hair (wig) and they honestly won't be able to tell the difference.. I love it look great.. no bad hair days from now on .. you'll be amazed how quick you get ready.....don't comb it too much just smooth it with you hands.. try and get a wig cap to go underneath... I have a heavy net one.. It makes it feel more secure..I still wear mine as even though I now have a good covering I still fell my hair is too short.. besides I get loads of compliments and I've got used to people saying how they love my hair LoL

    have a good night's rest love x G x :-) :-D

  • Thank you Annie that has made me feel good. I'm off to Maidstone hospital this morning for a blood test as I have chemo Wednesday. I start work at 5pm this evening so I have till then to get used to wearing it x


  • Babs, I really enjoy reading your blogs as you are so positive and your wig looks great! I started my chemo a couple of days after you on 22nd June and I have noticed my hair is starting to thin. I have a wig but I am not sure if I will wear it as I have some lovely hats which I think I prefer. Good luck with wearing your wig and hope its not windy out!!


  • Wigs was fine but my head is sore how about yours does it hurt ?

  • Hi Babs it looks good and i am sure you will get used to it .



  • It was ok wearing my wig but I was glad to get home and take it off as my head was iching tonight x

  • Hi Babs the wig looks great!

  • Just left a short message to see if it would work today & thankfully it does! I am always terrified my wig will blow off when its windy but so far so good. I have had so many compliments on mine many people have said they would never guess it was a wig. Im sure most people you work with wont even notice or will be very complimentary. Good luck! Think it really suits you.

    Love & hugs Linda x

  • Hi |Linda I wore my wig tonight at work and the regulars in the pub all said see you have had your hair cut and they even said did I have it done at Toni and Guy ( I wish never been able to afford their prices) It felt ok but it itches a bit and my head is sore where the hair is falling out but the doctor at Maidstone said I'm doing well so things are good at the moment Love and Hugs Babs x x

  • Hi Babs

    You look fantastic. The shorter style really suits you.

    I think you are doing so well continuing with your job too. Well done

    Love Sue x

  • Thank you for the lovely comment, I do like my job I think its because I like people and I can chat and get paid for doing it x x

  • Hi Babs

    You look lovely.

    Chris x x

  • Thanks Chris felt good today wearing my new hair x x Love Babs

  • Hi Babs

    You look absolutely beautiful on the outside and we all know how strong and brave you are inside !

    I so hope that the rest of your treatment goes well and that you have a looooooooooooooong remission.



  • Thank you Charlie I feel possitive at the moment the doctor said Im doing fine . I feel well today got chemo Wednesday so will be restin gt tomorrow night x Love Babs x

  • Hey Babs!

    Really glam! I mean that! You look lovely!

    Thinking of you!


  • Hey Babs! it looks really good, the condition is often better than our own hair, well cut and shiny! I have a wig linerI wear on windy days it is an elasticated net thing supposed to keep it on but adds to the heat on a warm day. Well done working, I can't imagine working whilst on chemo but I am retired, thankfully, love to you, Diane xxx

  • Babs, you look lovely. It's a similar wig to mine and even though I've been wearing Henrietta (my wig's name) for a couple of months I still worry she'll misbehave and abscond! I find it helps to have a name so that I can ask friends if 'Henrietta' is behaving, they know I mean "Is my wig on properly?" People around us don't have a clue what we're talking about. Henrietta has been out in the rain and coped better than my own hair ever did, so I wouldn't worry too much about your wig getting wet.

    Love Liz

  • Babs, you look super!! What a natural looking wig.

    I don't know whether you'll find the same thing but I found that with each three-weekly chemo session I had a day or two when my scalp was very tender. It felt a bit like when you suddenly change your parting dramatically and then go back to the old style, except it was all over my head. I didn't use My Ovacum at the time or know anyone else with OvCa, so I don't know how common this is - but it soon passes off if this happens to you, so don't worry if it does.

    Love, Solange

  • Fabulous Babs, you look a million dollors - the comments are amazing but just for the record everyone will mean every word of it.

    Also, a stocking wig cap (Gwen mentioned) warn underneath may hlep prevent the itching and soreness, sometimes we become a bit sensitive to the mesh of the wig. It could also be an ellergy reaction to the wig materials. But you may be able to take anti-hystermine for that.

    Hope that helps - who need Tony a Guy when you have a good wig + wigs are cheaper!

  • Wow!

    I think the wig looks great! No wonder the regulars were so complimentary. It must make you feel so much better.

    Hope the itching will stop!


    Anne x

  • Babs!

    Your hair is gorgeous - and very natural looking. Wearing the wig for the first time is a bit scary - but it takes just one compliment to boost your confidence. My wig was cuter than my own hair. My own hair is naturally curly (frizzy), my wig was blonde and straight:-)


  • Hi Babs! Have been busy for a couple of weeks so I have only just logged on. I LOVE your new look. I really do! It looks absolutely gorgeous, trendy and if you had to go through all this trauma, your new look will be a little bit of compensation. All the best with your continuing treatment.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Babs

    I know what you mean about itching, I tend not to wear mine when I'm indoors. Sometimes I can't wait to get home & rip it off!! My hair is growing slowly & every day I get excited to look at it & see if it's grown! Wigs are so good these days and look so realistic, so much easier than real hair. I can put mine on without looking and just brush it and away I go! Hope your chemo goes ok tomorrow. Love & hugs LInda xx

  • Love the new wig I never would have guessed you look AMAZING

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