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First chemo

Hi girls

Well it wasn't as bad as I thought. Long time hooked up but had good company next to me so time flew. Very tired when I came home but guess what I can't sleep now!!!! Murphys law eh ????

Annie do you know if the wig shop in Castle Arcade is open on a Saturday? My daughter works as anaesthetics nurse and is off weekends so is unable to come with me during the week.

One down five to go.


Jean x

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I can NEVER sleep after. They fill you full of steroids in the pre-meds though Jean, so hardly surprising. I started midnight blogging too. Tip though:if you plan any long essays its a good idea to write them on your word processing app first.. To avoid horrible oops-I-must-have-been-half-asleep errors!

You are on your way!




I am using my iPad so don't have word processing on here Sue. Have to excuse any half asleep mistakes. Lol


Jean x


Try downloading the newpad app - a text editor which is all you need for this kind of thing



Jean, you can buy a pages ap. That's Apple's word processor. I think it's about £5.50 and is really good. You can create documents and then email them as Word docs so people with Microsoft PCs can read them too.

Will reply later re wig shop. xx


Here are the details for Salon Wills:

Salon Wills Wig Consultants

11 Castle Arcade Balcony

Cardiff CF10 1BY

029 2022 4475

Their web presence is minimal and doesn't give opening times but you could ring later to see if they're open on a Saturday. Don't go to Periwigs in Cathedral Road. They had about 10 on offer and were horribly out of date.

I know just how you feel in the middle of the night after a dose of steroid. I was like a teen on speed so cut down the dose of the tablets you have to take for a few days after chemotherapy. Beware - they can also give you an appetite of a horse!

I'm really glad it went so well. I'm rather envious you found good company there. I only had one session where I got to chat to another patient. I think it would be a good idea to ask patients if they're gregarious and have part of the day ward set aside in a more communal setting. Our chairs all faced the centre of the room and were just that bit too far apart for chatting.

At least you've now got one done and one less to go! I hope you don't get any side-effects. Apparently it's linked to morning sickness. People who get that are more likely to feel a bit queasy after chemotherapy.

Love Annie xxxx


They've given me strong antiemetic tablets to take for two days and then the normal ones after that. I have to take one of the strong ones an hour before my next chemo. My daughter said the are very expensive and that is why they don't give you many. I am going on Avestin after my operation. I am lucky as Neath port talbot and Swansea are being funded for ovarian cancer patients. If you can call us lucky.

They gave me the list of the wig suppliers yesterday and that's the one my daughter had said was best anyway as her boyfriends wife would had breast cancer went there and he said how brilliant they were. There is one in Swansea but not as good. I am going to phone them today to book appointment and I will let you know when it is. So glad I have met you on here even if it not a nice reason.. Funny how things work out. I will look into the pages app.

Love jean. X??????


Sue I think I did have new pad app and deleted it as I didn't really know what it was. Grrr lol

Jean x



Glad the chemo went well, I was really nervous before my first chemo which was in October, but it was definitely not as bad as I expected it to be.

Strangely I sleep really well after my chemo, but wake up early the following day full of energy and ready to tackle anything!

I try and do a few useful jobs around the house in the morning and then end up focing myself to rest on the sofa in the afternoon when what I really feel like doing is digging up the garden, or going on a 5 mile hike.

It works out quite well though as days 3 & 4 when the tiredness hits me I can rest as everything has been done!

Hope the next 5 go just as well for you



Thanks Brenda. Hoping to go to carol concert on Thursday evening so should have bit of energy left to go. If there's anyone coughing or sneezing ill be out of there like a shot. I just want to stay normal for a while. Lol.


Jean x


Dear Jean, so glad you've coped well with the first session. I am about to download the app suggested earlier, as I have a few oooops moments with the iPad:-o take it easy over the next few days, and big hugs

Love Wendy xx


Dear Jean,

sounds like you are having carbo/taxol. I'm glad the 1st one is over and you didn't find it too bad. I carried on as normal, our daughter got married 2wks after my 1st chemo and I mingled with a couple of hundred people. I went to a friends hen party the evening I had my 3rd chemo, and continued my weekly trips to Asda. I had carbo/taxol and was at Velindre for about 7hrs. I used to sleep through it. As soon as the pre meds went through I was asleep, everytime I woke up there were new patients opposite me. Like Annie said the chairs were too far apart for conversation. I used to take magazines my kindle and my lunch, very seldom read the magazines or my kindle.

The wig shop in the Arcade in Cardiff is brill. I had mine from there, It is opposite the Castle, upstairs. I think they do open on a Sat. You have to make an appointment anyway so they can tell you when you ring. There is also a very nice cafe downstairs. Don't forget to get your voucher from your consultant.

Hoping the rest of your treatment goes as well as the 1st.

Have a lovely Christmas,

Chris xx


Dear Jean

Just wishing you well for your remaining treatments. I had carbo only so can't advise on what to expect from the the double regime. But I did find my sleep was poor and a took sleeping tablets for several months. I reckoned I didn't need to cope with lack of sleep on top of everything else and I have weaned myself off them since finishing treatment.

Very best wishes to you

Linda xx


Yes Chris I am having carob/taxol and having Avastin added post op. I'm really good and keep getting shouted at for not resting. I have made appointment for Saturday January 5th, she was lovely on the phone and I could have gone this Saturday but I thought it would be manic in Cardiff as its the Saturday before Christmas. Singleton just give us the list of wig salons but no voucher as the shop gets in touch with Singleton to confirm I'm a patient and then the wig is all paid for.

Beds not too close in unit but just great for conversation. I talk to anyone so loved it. It does pass the time away.

You have a lovely Christmas too




Hi there Jean ..

So pleased for that that number one is done and out of the way now ....

Its always good if you have someone to natter to as it passes the time away ..Do hope opyu enjoy the carol concert on Thursday and have a lovely Christmas x

Love Jan xx


It was good to read that it went well, I'm having carboplatin only from 3rd Jan and feel quite nervous, especially about how I will feel after, my husband seems to think I will just pop in have chmeo go to work the rest of the time until the next dose, I just can't picture it like that, my cousin has chemo tablets and she gets very tired, when she has her bone strengthener infusion she is knocked out for a week.

Do please keep posting about how you feel between the treatments.

LA xx


Hi Lily Ann

It really went well due I think to good company. Don't rush to go to work listen to your body. I'm a little tired this evening as I've had a busy day. I went for scan this morning and had early start as they try to get chemo patients in first then did small shop in Morrisons and then we went to the leisure centre where I teach some of my yoga classes. So I am just resting tonight. What I say is " okay I'm tired now however tomorrow I'll be fine" PMA positive mental attitude. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and flush the toxins out keeping the kidneys flushed.

Good luck for the 3rd January. My next chemo is 7th January so not long after yours.


Jean xx


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