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First Reaccurance!

Hi, I was diagnosed September last year with Stage3/4 Ovca with a malignant pleural effusion. Following 3 months of carboplatin/taxol I was declared in remission in April this year. 2 weeks ago however I was rushed back in with a large pleural effusion and tests confirmed that the ovarian cancer is back in the pleura. Quite common im told with ovca. I start tomorrow on Carboplatin and Caeylx. My Oncologist is very reassuring that he will get me into remission again, but is there anybody out there who has experienced the same so early in remission and gone on to complete 2nd line chemo and then been ok. My CA125 remains quite low , just 100 and ct scans show no disease in the abdominal cavity. Love to hear from anyone.

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I am not an expert but I have an oncologist who is. He often talks with some pride about his 30 year survivors who were referred to him, sometimes as hopeless cases, who are still alive to this day.

So, don't give up, keep on hoping and asking your oncologist about the latest studies available and how you can get on to them. If you are not happy with the answers you get, get a second opinion etc..

You can continue this process almost ad infinitum. I would suggest you also write to David Cameron and ask him about his plans for the NHS and how they relate to you as a patient.

Good luck!


hi coco i was diagnosed innov 09 with stage 3/4 ovca after hysterectomy and 6 caboplatin/taxol i was given remmision in may 10 didnt last long and cancer returned august 10 started on carbo/taxol weekly until march this year when put in remmision again !!unfortunatly although slightly longer this time i have just had my second reccurence !!this time it is from a lymph node so now just had first round of caelyx !!! although my oncologist always made it clear that this is an ongoing fight and it will keep recurring i wasnt expecting it to happen so quiickly !!i hope chemo goes well ive heard lots of possitive things about caelyx so lets hope we get a good remmision next time good luck x


Hi Sez1

Thankyou so much for your reply, its so good to hear from people who are in the same boat! Its a complete rollercoaster isnt it, but from a plus point I too have read some very positive reports about Caelyx, not looking forward to the hands and feet thing! but I'l let you know how I go. Hope you are ok on your first lot . All the very best to you , you know what they say third time lucky, hope they get the bugger this time for you. x


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