First chemo

First chemo today! Met the team yesterday and everyone is so lovely !! Was reassured yesterday that they do see this as an insurance policy a "mop up" which is amazing!! Have to have carboplatin only but any tips from you lovely lot would be very welcome !! It's so scary isn't it !

Got to do the best I can to stop this coming back!! So yesterday I quit sugar !! Feel like that way I have some control again xxx

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  • Hello, I hope that your first chemo goes well for you,& as we all know it is a very daunting thought. I think that it is to do with fear of the unknown,as I have spoken to lots a ladies & all have said they felt the same.

    It is a good idea to drink plenty of water which helps to flush the system out,& when I was having chemo I tried to drink 11/2 to 2 litres a day which is not easy but I started to drink it as soon as they started with the chemo & continued throughout the day & also when I got home & I am certain that this helped me. I did have a coffee & tea aswell when it was offered.

    I will think of you tomorrow. Love Caledaxx

  • Yes , I drink lots of water and have been told that helps so that's good and I love walking my daughters puppy 🐶! Thankyou for your tips xxxx

  • Glad you have confidence in your team that really helps . Yes good to drink plenty of water and also try and walk a little each day . Helps with any aches and pains even if you really don't feel like it.

    We all react differently to the chemo so it is a strange feeling after being told all the side effects waiting for something to happen ! Or not ! I was lucky and coped well ( on taxol as well as carbo ) . The meds usually sort any sickness . Best advice I can give you is to stay positive and keep your team informed of any side effects .

    Yes we all put on a brave face for friends and loved ones but it is good to let someone know just how wobbly you really feel. My friends kept telling me I looked too good to be having chemo with stage 4 cancer . Not sure what they were expecting me to look like 😀

    Good luck with your treatment . Love and best wishes Kim X

  • Yes people are telling me I look good too , trying to stay positive , it's a very weird time! Xx

  • Good luck today Lisa. Xx

  • Thankyou xxx

  • Hope it's all going well xx

  • So far so good xxx

  • Hope it's all goi9ng well. The first one is daunting but it's like everythingjelse really, fear of the unknown. Be kind to yourself over the next few days xx Kathy

  • I had carboplatin only and it's very doable. In addition to the advice you have already received I would advise keeping a diary for the first week of each cycle. The main problem I experienced was constipation from the anti nausea meds.(note the effects of antiemetics last 24 hours)don't let this happen as it can be very troublesome.I used to take mild laxitives the day before chemo and for 2 days after. By cycle 3 I had it all worked out...I found a diary recording bowel movements invaluable. Exercise was very important and my goal was 5k each day. It sometimes took 3 attempts to achieve this but it was this time last year and great walking weather. Good luck

  • Awesome as I love to walk !! And the weather is supposed to be good! Thank you for the heads up on constipation I have a natural apple fibre product I'll take that .... feeling ok so far, it was very daunting but I think I'm ok xxxx

  • OF course first chemo is daunting but you got through it, So as the other ladies said, drink water, I would add buy prunes in juice just in case you get constipated, also plain or ginger biscuits and bovril or marmite in case you get yuck days. Take any anti sick you are given,

  • Ooohhh I like prunes !! Thank you 😀

  • Hope its going well too Lisa. I am facing possible first chemo treatment soon so please keep posting. Lots of love xx

  • Day 2 and so far so good 😊

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