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Who's a naughty boy then?

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to grab a week away in our caravan. My wife was to have chemo, etc. on the Friday and we were to go away that day for a week in Norfolk. The chemo, plus 2 units of haemoglobin and a dose of magnesium and potassium intravenously, meant we were rather late getting home to set off, 5.30 pm to be precise. We rushed around to put the last bits in the 'van and fully load up the car. I asked SWMBO to use my cordless drill, with a suitable socket, to wind up the corner steadies on the 'van prior to setting off. I was at the other side of the 'van when I heard a cry of, 'help, help'. I went round to see what was up and she laid on the floor crying in pain. I helped her to her feet and we decided to make our way to a caravan site between Cromer and Norwich. On site and through the night, she was in pain. Saturday I took her to Norfolk & Norwich A & E department where she was quickly advised that she had a broken hip! This on top of Stage 3 OC. The surgeon was brilliant and patched up her hip early on Sunday morning. She left hospital on Wednesday morning and I had the privilege of pushing her around in a wheelchair for the rest of the holiday. This has now meant that, because of the hip, she has had to undergo 3 more sequences of chemo plus haemoglobin before the beautifully named 'interval de-bulking surgery' in Cambridge. In the meantime the hip has played up, presumably because of the effects of the chemo. She now has to have a full hip replacement as soon as possible after the IDS. She is so frustrated. No reaction to the chemo, but unable to do much because of the hip. I am in the dog house, please make me feel just a little bit better, I didn't mean to hurt her so. She is the love of my life.

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Oh, poor you! I know it's your girl that is going through this, but I also know the effect my surgery and diagnosis had on my husband. It took a long time for him to admit how worried and scared he was and I think we sometimes under-estimate the effect our diagnoses have on our men-folk. Don't feel guilty, although that will be easier said than done. You didn't mean this to happen and wouldn't want to hurt her at all. She knows that. Don't be too hard on yourself.

My Mum had emergency surgery in Addenbrooke's in April. They were wonderful. She had excellent care and the surgery team were excellent, so I am sure she will be in good hands. It's a brilliant hospital.

Take care of yourself, too. You will need to be Chief cook and bottle-washer after the surgery. Just don't get too involved with the caravan fixing for the time being! :-/

Love Wendy xx


If I'm not mistaken, your wife will be enjoying every minute of winding you up and blaming you - we women sometimes like to tease our men, especially when we're feeling very frustrated at not being able to lead our normal lives. That's all she's doing - teasing you; she knows you are doing everything to care for her and how much you love her. You'll just have to accept the leg pulling with good grace - and carry on with the excellent support you're giving your wife.

Love Liz X


Your blogg brough tears to my eyes... It must be an awful feeling for you to think that you have added to your already suffering wife..

I am sure with all my heart that your wife does not feel anything but pure love for you..and i am sure that she is enjoying the ever loving pampering that im sure she will be getting from you..

Try not to feel too bad.. :) I hope that your wife isnt in to much pain and that all her surgery and treatment will soon all be in the past please pass on my love to her.

And Keep up the support and love your giving her. Your a diamond.. And that must be precious .. I didnt get much support through my treatment i did most things for myself. So i know how grateful she must be.

Lots of love





so sorry to hear abt the accident, chemo is bad enough, but that as well.. no wonder u are in the dog house... but in time to cum im sure u will both be laughing abt it

good luck

shen x


Hope your wife is improving! What an awful experience for you both!

My jaunt to a&e 3 weeks ago after falling over the caravan awning guy rope pails into insignificance by comparison!!!! And I have no one to blame except me for not looking where I was going and HWMBO for putting a golden guy rope against golden gravel in the sunshine!!!!

Love and happy caravanning to you both



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