Well I didnt expect that!

Hi everyone dont often post ..but wanted to share recent visit to GP.

Been experiencing pain in hip and top of leg groin. Went to see a GP who was new wanted to run some blood tests and x ray. Went to see her this week to get results and she tells we bloods are fine (including CA125 which I hadnt known she had tested for). Told her hadnt had CA125 tested since finished chemo back in 2011 for stage 3 OC.Then it was 7 (previously over 1000 before debulking and chemo). The onc had told me back then that it would only go one way which was up and chemo would hopefully give me 12 months before it returns.

Anyway Ive not had any reocurrences and I was flabbergasted when GP told me CA125 was now 2.5 ...just goes to show oncs dont always get it right and we are all unique.

Best wishes to you all x

(PS turns out I have arthritis in hip ....happy with that....walked out of surgery with a huge smile 😆 )

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  • Wow that is good news - I don't mean the hip

  • Hi lou, thats brilliant news about your CA125, your onc definitely wasnt right, mine was 7 after chemo and now is sometimes so low they cant say they cant get a reading! Enjoy the good news! obviously not your hip problem but I imagine to hear it was that is an amazing relief xx

  • gosh am so proud and pleased for you.....just try to minimise the hip x rays though if you can....the radiation will not be brilliant for you....hope this does not take the gilt off the gingerbread! love C X

  • Oh thanks Chris good point about x ray never thought about that. Gilt is slightly dented but mainly in tack x

  • Hi Lou your post resonates with me very much. At the moment I have flare up of hip. It is a sore thing. Last year me I showed inflammation. Also have OC but getting up to two years chemo free. Had ultra sound as gp referred me due to high liver levels but that was clear. My team also have done routine scan so I am for review and result Monday. I have also osteopenia. So your post has lifted me for Monday. Thank you

  • Hi Suzuki thanks for your reply. Glad you are getting long periods between chemo. GP did say hip was not uncommon for someone my age (late 50s) and to keep up walking and swimming. Just relief it wasn't something more sinister. X

  • Mine started a year ago had injections and physio. Told wear Asics gel runners and dump my favourite shoes if they were worn. Was doing ok until ten days ago and of course mind went into overdrive

  • I was told to take paracetamol and if (when?) it gets worse they could offer physio. Interesting about get trainers will look into that. I know what you mean about mind going into overdrive think the OC is always at the front of our minds xx

  • Sorry I meant Gel Asics trainers the gel supports the joints as opposed to Sketchers which don't. You don't need very strong gel ones Gel contend 3 is what I wear and they cost about 40 EURO when on offer. If you have a small foot they can be got in children's section or also on Amazon website

  • I have had 2 replacements on same hip....when I was 22 the radiographer said it s not good to have so many x rays at your age and contacted the surgeons but they wanted all of them....much stronger ie more radiation then, of course but I've never forgotten it. Missed diagnosis of dislocated hip at birth(!) I've had lots of those.....but am still here so far! lots of love C xxxxx

  • This is interesting as I have been waking up every morning with an aching left hip and aching in my groin. Though interestingly the last two nights I have been sleeping on a blow up air bed as we are currently decorating and no hip pain.........new mattress maybe! Glad you are otherwise ok! xx

  • Hi triplet exactly like my symptoms and left hip. Dont really notice it much during day but when I get into bed (not every night). I walked 10k yesterday and it really ached last night.

  • Thanks so much for your post Lou I have been having some groin and hip pain. I am 2 years cancer free and am scheduled to have my yearly cat scan on Monday so I have been very anxious!!! Your post means a lot! Thanks again💗

  • Hi Griff good luck with the scan, I put off going to GP for months but glad ive been now. Take care x

  • What a wonderful post! I am stage three too and just coming to the end of treatment, but unlike you, have insisted on three monthly CA125 tests as I feel that I need to know.

    I am so happy for you and thank you for posting your good news which really lifted my spirits this morning.


  • Hi Jenny good luck with your check ups I can completely understand the need to have CA125 test. I think I was just burying my head in the sand x

  • Great news!! Sorry about your hip, though. Hope there's there's something to help the pain. What's the saying - " every cloud has a silver lining ". Xx😊

  • Brilliant news!!! So happy for you and am smiling with you :-) Hope they can manage the arthritis pain for you. You have made my day :-)

  • Excellent! Thank you for sharing the good news.

  • So happy to hear the good news. Testing is always "unnerving" as we gird ourselves for the worst. What a relief that yours is good news. Wishing the same for all our sisters. You go girl!!!

  • Brilliant news so happy for you

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