Recurrence - expected but now confirmed

Mum had her second check-up today (following first line treatment which finished in March '12) and her oncologist confirmed that the cancer is back. We were partly expecting this as Mum had a pleurodesis procedure in early July following a collapsed lung caused by fluid build up in her chest. Her recent CA125 has passed 600 however it only got down to 200 after first line chemo. Mum's oncologist is keen to get a CT scan before commencing any second line treatment which is good because on the whole Mum is feeling okay despite some twinges most likely caused by the operation.

Most likely drug is Topotecan which I am now researching. Has anyone had success with this treatment? If this doesn't work then Taxol on its own is the next likely option.

Any comments welcome as I seek to understand more about this part of Mum's treatment.

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  • HI Rob

    Sorry to hear that, mine too had quite a simular pattern with a lot of fluid on the lung, various drains and in the end detortification op which thankfully has put me right, But I am currently on my third lline chemo after a four month break. I know nothing of Topetecan but I am sure someone here will. I am on weekly taxol and thank the lord that my marker id down to 80 after just three lots. On the 2nd line treatment for my 1st re occurence, after again a four month break, I had gemcitine and Treosulfan. This too worked well and was very tolerable. Hope and pray whatever she has , it knocks it on the head, as the taxol is doing for me it appears. Love to her.


  • Thank you very much. It is reassuring to hear positive news on 2nd (and further) line treatments that I can dicsuss with Mum's oncologist when we go back.

    Good luck with the weekly taxol - I hope it does the terick.

  • Sorry dodgy typing, I hope it does the trick.

  • I also had very similar to your mum, it is all so scary. I am on second line treatment carbo/gem. Which I have tolerated quite well, but have had to have a couple of blood transfusions due to low white platelets, one more session to go. I don't know how successful this is just keeping my fingers crossed, one good thing didn't lose my hair this time. Keep my fingers for your mum and wishing her a long long recovery nikki xx

  • Thank you very much and I hope the carbo/gem is a success. I don't think the oncologist suggested this but I am researching it along with possible clinical trials.

  • Hi Rob

    I'm on Topotican now for 4th recurrence. After 6 of 18 weekly treatments CA has stabilised at around 345 from a high of 355 at start. So far no particularly bad side effects just mild nausea and fatigue, also hair thinning slightly. Too soon to tell what's really happeniing but scan at end of August. Its not immediately effective as previous chemo but hoping for steady improvement. Im happy to stay on it for duration as long as side effects or scan not getting worse as its almost working like a maintenance regime for me and I'm feeling really quite well. Good luck to your mum. Meryl XXX

  • Thank you very much. Mum is just getting over her pleurodesis procedure and I am concerned that more chemo will weaken her - hopefully if she goes onto Topotecan it won't be too harsh on her. The next couple of weeks are all about getting her feeling as good as possible ahead of further treatment.

    Fingers crossed that your scan shows the chemo is working well.

  • Hi Rob

    I had a scan yesterday and will be starting on Topotecan for my 3rd recurrence. My timescale is much the same as your mums in that I had my last chemo middle of February. It's heartening to hear from Meryl that her side effects have not been too bad.

    You're obviously a wonderful son - where would we all be without our families while we battle through this!

    All my best wishes for your mum.

    Cathy xx

  • Thank you very much. Everyone who contributes to this site plays a massive part in helping to support those battling OC along with their friends and families. I'm feeling a lot better about the next phase of Mum's treatment and hopefully it will give her a longer remission.

    Good luck with the Topotecan and I hope it works well for you.

  • Hi Rob,

    I am so sorry to hear about your mum...It is so good for her to have a caring son like you.. I am sure she appreciates you..sorry I am not much help with her treatment I had a recurrence but had Carb/ Taxol twice ...thinking of you best wishes x G x :-)

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