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Hello to all you lovely fighters, x

Started my weekly taxol 3 weeks ago. 3rd lot of chemo in 2 years. Marker went up by 20 after first week of taxol which caused me a major panic, but thankfully Monday when I had my bloods prior to treatment in is down to 107 thats a 37 drop after just two lots. so naturally thrilled. But this bloody steriod im given as pre med has me up all night and asleep in the day. Last week I took zoplicone which was great but had taxol yesterday and been awake since 12am! Do I have to have it does anyone know? and I eat like a pig!! Going to ask oncologist neek week but not happy. No pins and needles yet! and Hair may be thinning a little at temples but eh ho, treatment working so not that concerned.

I hope the weather improves so we can all get some sunshine, I was pleased that grey badger blogged last week, I was concerned she hadnt been on for a while. Hope your feeling better.

All the very best to you all and love being sent to you all.


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Hi Coco,

I had to take steroids for three days following chemo, but was warned to take the last one of the day.. before 4:30 otherwise they said I wouldn't be able to sleep, saying that I couldn't sleep at all when I was on chemo (with pain)..hope you will sort it soon... Good news it seems to be working love x G x :-)

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Hi Coco

Yes its a good idea to ask your Dr about the steroids, they may be able to reduce the dose.

Also, if you are taking them later in the day , it may be possible to have them all in the morning.(thats what they did for me at one point, that worked pretty well).

Alternatively you can just accept that you won't sleep and get busy. Don't go to bed if you are not tired , do paperwork , housework , reading , cooking or anything you fancy. At one point I did a lot of baking at night...that was good because the steroids made me so hungry.Not many cakes left by morning though!



Hi Coco,

I have that problem with the steroids. Last week I was awake for 22 hours after taking the high does (20 tablets) prior to chemo. I don't sleep well now I wake up every 2 hours and have to go to the bathroom and get a drink. I go back to bed put on the shopping channel which is totally boring hoping it will send me back to sleep. Hope things go well for you Love a fellow fighter Babs x x


I did hear somewhere that the steroids increase the tumour shrinking of the chemo and that it was very necessary, I am relieved when I get to the last one on the third day! love Diane xxx


Hi Coco!

Yep! Those steroids do have one all over the place! When I was last on chemo my room mate and I reckoned we coulkd get good money for the effects if we went down The Calls in Leeds!

We spent the night watching DVD's! Lord of the Rings was a great distraction! The steroids help to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction, control nausea and help to increase the effect of the chemo!

I also became diabetic as a result but have that under control with diet and exercise! As a result I have a really healthy diet. If it were not for the cancer I am healthier than most people I know, some of whom are a good 10 years younger! Every cloud has a silver lining!

Love Margaret! xxxx


Hi Coco

I have the same problem, I''ve also just had my 3rd dose of weekly Taxol. The steroid given as a premed is to lower the risk of allergic reaction to the taxol, usually given with ranititidine and piriton, so it is probably not something they can change.

I usually just resign myself to the fact I won't sleep too well that night, but I usually have my best nights sleep of the week the next night.

It must be reassuring for you to know that it is working due to your blood tests, unfortunately because my CA125 doesn't respond I won't know until my scan at the end of August.

Wishing you all the best for continued response with the treatment.

Love George x


Dear Coco

I had no idea that some ladies have to take so much steroid. I was given 2 before the chemo, and then had to take 2 at breakfast and 2 at lunch for 3 days after the chemotherapy. That had my sleep and eating patterns all over the place so I just cut them down. I took just a half dose after that - 1 in the morning and 1 at lunch time. My oncologist wasn't bothered I adjusted the dose and said they were just there to help the body absorb the chemicals. When I forgot to take them at all boy did I feel it - had a massive pain in the chest like a horse had kicked me. I soon sought out the medicine bottle and resumed the dose.

It would be interesting to understand the dosage of steroid as it does seem to have some nasty side-effects. I only had carbo-platin. Perhaps that's the reason. I was told I have a very strong constitution/kidney function so they were able to give me the highest dose of carbo-platin.

Hope you can manage the steroid dose so you feel less at odds with everything. It's the last thing you need as well as the nasty effects of having chemotherapy.

Loads of love xxx Annie


Hi Coco,

This as you have read is far from uncommon when having steroids with your chemo. I too do not sleep at night, despite the fact I take sleeping pills. I have been told they are necessary to avoid any allergic reaction to the chemo. However I did persuade my Onc. to cut the dose my half this week, he did, and no adverse reactions. Just like you I am so tired during the day, but only cat nap and that is what happens at night. I just get up, read, have a camomile tea and go on the computer. I usually end up on the sofa rather than keep disturbing hubby.

Anna xx


Hi Coco

The sleeplessness is bad, I used to skip a few of the tablets though.

It helps to have a radio the size of a Walkman £20 in Argos and lie with one earphone in at the lowest volumn listening to LBC. (107) I listen to chat instead of dark thoughts. If I drop off the earpiece falls out.

Hope you find something that helps.



just read ur blog... godd luck and god bless hope it works this time x


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