2nd Dose of Taxol/Carbo

Hi beautiful ladies! I hope you all are having a great day! I'm sitting here taking in my 2nd round of taxol/Carbo. Last week my platelets were 87 so I was delayed a week. Today they were 88. 🙃 They lowered the dose of Carbo & said that my 3rd treatment will be in 3 weeks & then I will receive 3 more treatments, one a week. So after the next treatment, is it likely that will feel awful for the 4 weeks or so following since they will then be once a week? Thanks in advance for any insight!! Well wishes & blessings to all. xxx


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  • Hi Andrea,

    I have no experience of receiving chemo weekly but just wanted to wish you well and hope you get it all sorted without too much trouble.

    Mandy, x

  • Hi Andrea I had a lower dose of carbo/taxol weekly, as part of the ICON8 trial in 2014 and had hardly any side effects. I never felt sick, thanks to anti-nausea tablets (Ondonsetron and then domperidone) and had enough energy to do Zumba twice a week and go walking. I did still need injections to keep my neutrophils up and I need a blood transfusion, but I generally felt really well. I hope it's the same for you. Best of luck. Deb xx

  • Hi Andrea I don't have experience of weekly chemo, mine was 3 weekly. I an say that by the 3rd I was very ill and admitted to hospital with a temperature of 39 and mouth ulcers which became a mouth infection and couldn't eat for 3 days. My Onc reduced the Taxel by 20% which helped enormously and remained that level through to 6 which I finished yesterday. Side effects have been headaches, a bit of head spinning in the afternoons mostly and joint ache which I bathe in Epsom salts for 20mins.

    Hope this all helps and wish you loads of luck. Michelle xx

  • I had Carbo/taxo/avastin 3 weekly and just taxo the weeks in between. I only felt ill the combined week with fatigue. I did get mouth ulcers, sore throat and open sores on my hand after second cycle of carbo/taxo/avastin. I had 12 weeks (4 cycles) of this. The only down side was that i felt i lived at the hospital. Good luck. X

  • Hi Andrea, just to say I have chemo weekly and feel good on it very mild side affects too. I'm on the ICON8b trial too like the other lady is. Hopefully you will feel better on a weekly dose. Good luck

    . Ann xx

  • Hi Andrea

    I'm on weekly Carbo/Pac but on a 28 day cycle, treatment is day 1, 8 and 15 then a week off and I'm pleased to report that the SE's have been minimal. I've been anemic twice but blood transfusions have sorted that out. I've had a lot of delays due to low neuts (unfortunately my Onc wont prescribe G-CSF injections due to causing other complications). I have very little nausea and because I have a lower steroid dose I don't get the sleeplessness and munchies like I have with others. I think because it's a 'dose dense' treatment you're getting less but more often so it spreads the effects out but much milder. Hope it works well for you.


  • Thank you all so much. Your replies are so helpful and very encouraging. Many blessings! Xx


  • Hi have one more chemo to go of the carbo/taxol, I went every week for 18 weeks straight and was very very lucky not to have missed a week. We had to travel 3 hours each way and stay over night in the hostel. Yesterday my Gyno oncologist phoned me and gave me the great news that for now I am cancer free. I was Stage 3c and my ca 125 was at 3000. Now it's in the normal range. So No matter how down you get, remember you have loved ones rooting for you and just keep plugging away at it. It is so worth it. The carbo week is the worst, but still not too bad, just a few days feeling weak and tired, the taxol week is less so. For me it was days 3 and 4 after chemo. But I gave myself a goal each day to complete and that really helped keep me focused. Big goals on good days and small ones on the weak days. Best of Luck and I'm rooting for you.


  • Hi Andrea.....I was on weekly Taxol with carboplatin every third week. It was an 18 week regime. I had to skip one due to low white blood cell count. After that, I got neupogen injections twice a week to keep the count up. My red cells dropped, too, and I had to have 3 blood transfusions. I was never sick due to the anti nausea meds, but I was a little tired....not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I think the awful taste in my mouth was the worst, but that was the first thing to come back to normal after I finished the chemo. Everyone is different, so I would just go with the flow, and see how you do. I'm sending prayers for you and your family. You'll get through this.....we all have!..............Judy

  • Dear Andrea

    Sorry this is a late reply to your post but my internet connection has been rubbish. I just wanted to reiterate what most of the other ladies said. Last year I had weekly chemo of paclitexel and carbo platin every third week and came through it fine. My neutrophils were down twice but I had injections to boost them. I had hardly any sickness but would feel a little tired the third day. As one of the others said the metallic taste tainting food was one of the worst side effects. Also my veins became difficult to access and I eventually had a porthacath fitted which is brilliant as I am still on thee weekly Abastin now. All the best for your ongoing treatment.


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