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Dear all

I was diagnosed in January with a stage 2c and as aresult of debaulking surgery, have had all sorts of horrid menopausal symptoms. Having seen all the good reports regarding this magnet, I asked my oncologist for his thoughts today.

He advised that the way it works is to stimulate oestrogen and progesterone and as that could have adverse effects for my cancer, it would be best not to use it; he actually thinks that once my chemotherapy is over it would be best to get advice regarding whether to have some traditional HRT in preference....

Everyone is different, but I just felt it would be best to let you all know so that you could also ask the advice of your own oncologists and medical teams!

Good luck!


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Thank you so much for this Eleni! I had just bought one and started using it but now I am going to retire it until I can check with my CNS.

Catherine xx


I'm so glad to be of some use Catherine. I has also bought one too (could be £20 down the drain but hey ho!) and have retired mine now too. Be interesting to see if your CNS agrees..



Shame if it is contra-indicated as it does seem to help some ladies here on the forum so much! I will let you know what my CNS advises.

Cat xx


I do agree - but it is best to make sure that it's identified as safe for each individual.

Best wishes


Thanks for this Eleni.

I researched what you were told, and it appears that the thing about it stimulating hormone production came straight out of the tabloids (see So, I wrote to the company and received this reply:

"Thank you for your email, we are glad you have contacted us directly. Dr

Nyjon Eccles of The Chiron Clinic (Harley Street, London) is a cancer

specialist and supervises all of our trials. He has been using LadyCare with

his patients for years without any reported adverse effects on breast,

cervical or uterine health so we are are therefore confident that the use of

LadyCare in such situations will not lead to any increase in risk. LadyCare

helps to rebalance the autonomic nervous system and does not stimulate or

increase hormone production so please use with confidence."

I am happy to continue to use mine as the hormone stimulation allegation makes no sense to me. At least we now have the company's own spin on it.



Well, I haven't asked my doctor, and I won't. But I can tell you that there are a number of cancer specialists working at Harley Street addresses. I am fortunate in that I have private health insurance, so I can choose where I want to be treated, and so I decided if I have to travel anywhere, and I do because I live in a rural area, it might as well be Harley Street, because the other major cancer care centre near me takes almost exactly the same travelling time.

There are 2 major cancer care centres in Harley Street, that is the Harley Street Clinic, and the London Oncology Clinic.

I will ask my oncologist if he has ever heard of this specialist, and report to you his response when I get it. I'll also point out that breast, uterine and cervical cancer have nothing at all to do with Ovarian Cancer.

Ovarian cancer alone exists in so many forms and variants that my oncologist tells me that, in his opinion, it is a cancer best treated only by specialist and dedicated ovarian cancer oncologists.

Many ovarian cancer tumours are caused, he thinks, by the widespread use of HRT especially in women that haven't given birth or used the birth control pill. In other words, some ovarian cancer tumours are very vulnerable to hormones produced by the ovaries.

This has been my own experience, because it happened to me. And my oncologist has told me never again to use anything at all that might in anyway stimulate any remaining ability my body may have (thru' the adrenal glands) to produce either oestrogen, progesterone, or indeed, testosterone, which the ovaries produce in small amounts, because they have to, given that the sex of the baby may be male or female. Chrissie.


This is such an interesting discussion. I am still using my magnet, as it alleviates such horrible hot flushes and sweats. It was the consultant in our menopause clinic who recommended it to me, she also works in the gynae/oncology dept of the hospital where I was treated. However, I'll ask more questions may just be that she's not aware of the research. I was also told it was probably my childlessness and my early use of the pill that predisposed me to OC, along with stress that allowed it to get a hold when my immune system was lowered. Will definitely stay off the HRT even if I can't use the magnet any more, though.

Thanks for the info , Eleni and Chrissie

Wendy xx


So glad I've logged in today, as I purchased a Ladycare magnet last week and have been wearing it ever since, but have just ditched it on reading these comments. I had read all about it on their website before buying and thought it would have no adverse effects. I must say that I haven't noticed any difference anyway! I was on HRT for 2 years before my diagnosis in July 2009 and am convinced (although my onc specialists refute it) that the HRT played a big part in the development of my oc (stg 3c). So I will NOT be using it again, but would love to hear further information on it. Thanks girls. Such an informative site this. Colette xxxxx


I'm keeping an open mind on the Ladycare but will wait and see what my gynae-oncologist says - I notice as Isadora says that it is supposed to produce its benefits by stimulating the autonomic nervous system and not hormone production per se. Perhaps this is something that just needs more research?


I'm sure you're right Catherine and it needs more research. I know that I am so keen to find relief from any of my symptoms that it's easy to get a bit excited when something seems to work...........I just think it's worth asking our individual specialists what they know about the ladycare magnet and what they advise.


Dear Eleni, I do think you are very wise in consulting with your oncologist first, we are after all being treated firstly by them, and do need to follow the advice of the oncologist . Dr Nyjon Eccles is into Naturopathic Treatment at the Chiron Clinic,

(that is complementary/alternative treatments) for many other medical conditions so are not mainstream conventional cancer specialist. there are many claims out there

all ready to take our money. I know who I choose to put my trust in.

my very best wishes Gwyneth.


I have now had time to check with my GP and Oncologist about the magnet. They are both very clear that it does not affect hormone production, and neither has any concern about my use of it. The Oncologist (male) was 'surprised it works for someone I hadn't thought of as gullible', but was not in the least concerned. As usual, it is apparent that something that has beneficial effects on menopause for many of us, is dismissed as mumbo-jumbo by some Drs.

I stress that this advice is given to me, about me, and is not necessarily applicable to others.

I continue to have flush-free nights for the first time in 2.5 years, and nothing like the stiffness and joint pain.



Glad you found that out, Isadora. I'm continuing to use mine too. Llike you, I've found it makes a real difference, and I'm not into "mumbo-jumbo" either ;-) However, there are so many things that have not investigated yet, or things that have still to be proved. Think of the wise old women who were persecuted for using willow-bark for fevers (later developed as aspirin!)


I bought a magnet years ago for period pain but it didn't work. Its supposed to work by increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Its probably a bit pointless asking a conventional Dr anything beyond drug regimes as they just have no idea.


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