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Hello All!

Hope you are all doing well this week!

After my little meltdown week before last I went to my GP yesterday and as always he was great. He did the usual and said all was fine. He did bloods and rang me at about 7.30 yesterday evening to tell me all was fine (asked him not to do CA125 I have to add as I had agreed with my Onc that I would do that annually and I had it done already this year, there is potential for me to get very obsessed with this and it was never a good indicator for me!). My cholesterol is still raised though I have converted to mostly vegan diet but he said that it could be genetic (my mum died of vascular dementia so I wasn't really surprised to hear that) but he did say that my good cholesterol/bad cholesterol ratio was very good and he wished that he had the same cholesterol reading so I was happy enough with that!

The main reason I came on here is that I told him all about my little crisis and he suggested that I might benefit from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies have every tried this? I am interested in giving it a go to be honest as the anxiety that I experienced week before last was not a pleasant experience and I would like to explore ways to avoid it if I can!

Thanks for all your responses to my previous post, I really don't know what I would do without you guys!

Onwards and Upwards!


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  • Hi D, your GP sounds very proactive. No advice other than to say what have you got to lose by giving it a go, you can always stop if you find that it is not helping? I do hope that if you decide to try that you find it works well and you can avoid a repeat of the way you were feeling last week. xx Kathy xx

  • Glad you got the results you wanted...your GP sounds so nice!!

  • Glad to see you have options open to you, I think you should definitely at least give it a go. good luck, and keep us posted. xxx Jeanette

  • CBT is excellent for many people. My husband (a counsellor) offers this and so does my sister (chartered psychologist). So I'd say go for it

    LA xx

  • Hi D sorry to hear you had down time. It's not unusual as this Cancer thing is huge no matter how we battle on. I have done Mindfulness in Arc House it was a six weeks course and I check in with the group once a month for meditation. It does help calm the fears a little. Maybe there may be a class in your local area in September as in a night class. With Arc we all have been on same road in different places so perhaps this is motor empathetic. Sending you a hug deep breaths stop along your journeys to see nature and observe.

  • Hi D, I'm so pleased you saw your GP and that all your results have come back A OK! Re: CBT, I haven't personally, but my SIL had some and found it very worthwhile. I don't think it could hurt, so why not give it a go. Let us know how you get on chica xx

  • Hi D

    Please let us know if and how the CBT course goes. I feel like I need something similar

    Judy x

  • Hi D, I had some CBT, I worked alongside a large mental health team in the NHS and one of the counsellors gave up some of her time to talk with me and I found it really useful and very self informative, it's a really good talking therapy which I found helpful and it is used for other mental and physical health issues. It covers the way we look at things, think and behave. She also found it useful to talk with me too because of my experiences with the surgery, cancer, PE and hypercalcaemia, I found it really useful too as I had had nearly a year out of work and it helped me get back into the mindset I needed to be in and in a way it restored my faith in my own ability and inner strength.

    Your GP sounds really good and very forward thinking, it's great To such faith in your doctor. I'd take up the offer of CBT it certainly can't hurt. Let us know how you get on with this. Take lots of care, big hugs ❤️Xx Jane

  • Hi Jane, the therapy you had been offered sounds like the one I had & it worked for me but I don't recall anyone mentioning the name of it. It was to help me get back to work so the counsellor wasn't interested in really deep things like my dreadful childhood. Instead she focused on how I could get a postive attitude to get back to the work place.

    Out of all of the counselling I had that one was the best & this is coming from someone that has had counselling going back as far as a little frightened 9 year old.

    Thank you for posting & I feel this will help D a lot. Take care Cindyxx

  • You too lovey ❤️Xx Jane

  • Hi D, I think if you can pick the right kind of counsellors for you then it can be worth it. Ask what kind it is & explained what you are needing.

    The only thing you might find being under the NHS we might only be given a limited amount of sessions. That might be enough but if it isn't I don't know if could ask for more. I often had to go privat for mine & ther doesn't seem to be any limit to how many you have but they can be very dear.

    I have had every kind of counselling you can imagine. Counselling were the chancellor would only want me to talk all the time about my mum & dad when I was a child. The pass not the now or my future a bit pointless.

    Another one was just making me worse by blaming my problems on me. I ended up in a right mess. She wanted me to talk about my childhood till I really got upset. I kept going home & staying in bed for so many days that my daughter law would come & take me to hers. Then she had to care for me as if I was her child. That is so wrong.

    I had one that gave me coping skills that really worked for me & she didn't want to blame anyone not even me. That was the Job Centre who refered me. I was given only a 12 week course but it was excellent. She had me look at things in a different light. That was the first time in my life I felt counselling worked. For some time I was really cool & happy but then I got cancer

    When I found out I had cancer I also went to counselling at the hospice. She didn't tell me I was having counselling but again she only wanted me to recall my childhood & blame my mum & dad. I wanted to talk about the cancer not my pass. I wanted to stop the stress & depression & be the Cindy I was after my counselling I had through the Job Center. Again I left the counselling & did what I do best when I am low. Took to bed & become too frighten get out & my daughter in law had to look after me. Bless her she is so good to me the daughter I never had.

    I hope you can get the help you need because just worrying it might come back is so stressful. There are lots of different kinds out there & I hope you find the best for you. Good luck keep us up dated. Thanks for posting take care love Cindyxx

  • Sounds as if your GP is really on the ball. It's likely worthwhile giving CBT a try, after all you don't have to stick with it if you feel it's not for you.

  • So happy to hear things are OK and that your GP rings you to tell you so! Maybe its sad to think that is so nice but rarely does the GP him/herself ring! And CBT sounds like something to try--why not. I was told to try mindful meditation to relax/calm my nerves and thought it could never do that but it has offered respite at times when I really need it. A little while of relaxation like you used to feel much more often! Please let us know if you do it, what you think. Good luck! MaxJor

  • Hi D, sounds like you've got a great GP. I guess we all have melt downs every now and then. I've never tried going anywhere so can't advise but I'll be interest to hear how you get on.

    Wish you well with it all. Zena J

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