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I've seen the specialist


Hello again lovely ladies,

Thanks for our advice and support regarding seeking another opinion. I saw the Gynaecologist yesterday. He was factual and blunt about the poor detection of early ovarian cancer and my current 'risk' status. He looked at my scan results, he examined me (wow, that was painful!!!) and discussed symptoms and family history. He said he could offer me an MRI and that in his experience they were 90% accurate in detecting OC. Then, he discussed the 10% risk for those undetected at MRI. Between us, it has been decided that he will remove the 'job lot' of retired female parts. Tentative date for surgery is 12th May. He did ask if I would like to leave my uterus where it is but given that I also have fibroids and am at the end of the menopause I said no unless he recommended leaving it (he doesn't).

My GP had said that this cyst may go away on it's own but surgeon said that this type of thick walled cyst don't tend to just go away, even when not cancerous. He also told me not to run (I am a run leader for a local group) as this would increase the rectal pain and risk twisting.

It sounds like a lot of surgery for something that in his words is 'not looking like cancer, but we can't be sure unless we remove it'. But, it's a bit painful, there's a family history of breast cancer and it doesn't look like it will be reabsorbed.

So, there we are. Might seem like a sledgehammer to crack a nut but he's a Gynaecologist with Oncology as his specialty so if he say's it's worth it, then it is.

I hope you have all had some sunshine in your lives today and are living pain free and thank you again. I will of course update you with my results.

Penny xx

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Better to be safe than sorry mrsgrinchburger. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting through it and now having a plan xx

Having a plan always seems to help doesn't it? Thanks Lyndy x

Thinking of you Penny and hoping you have some good news soon xx

Thanks Clare xx

I think better to safe and remove all the unwanted parts at this stage is a very good idea. It is a surgery but you will recover and don't be doing heavy lifting for at least 6 weeks post treatment, It is nowadays done every day of the week so try not to worry

Thanks Suzuki xx

Your doctor sounds amazing! I wish someone advised me to remove cyct which was like yours but it didnt look cancerous but was told that it will never go away on its own. So it didnt for 6 years until surely it became cancerous...

Good luck in your surgery and stay strong

Your Oncologist O&G sounds like he knows what he is talking about. You are in good hand. You will recover soon enough after the op when no cancer is involved.

Thanks Saleh123 x

Sounds like good advice to me. I had cyst, ovary and tube removed initially as thought it was simple cyst. No cancer history, CA125 in normal range, not menopausal etc. So had to have second surgery when cyst returned as stage 1C

If I’d been through the menopause and a bit older I probably would’ve taken the take it all out option. Plus you then get a full histology which will help put your mind at rest

Good luck

LA xx

Thanks Lily-Anne x

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