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Thank you OVACOME.

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Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone on the ovacome site. I am a newbee only being diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I have not yet recived any chemo. I am hoping to start my !st chemo session next monday 18th june. I have found all the information on the site very usefull and coming from people who know what I am going through makes it easier to understand. So I

just want to say to anyone who has just joined this site you are not alone there is always someone here to listen and help. THANKS YOU , from Babs x

13 Replies

Hi Babs

Just to say all the very best for the 19th . I'm off for my three month check up on the 21st love x G x :-)

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Hi Babs!

Good luck next Monday.



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Hi babs

The very best of luck with the treatment.It may well not be as bad as you think , like many things in life.

Try to look after yourself as much as possible and don't forget lots of treats.

Charlie xxx

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Dear Babs

Thanks so much for your post. Good luck for next week. The waiting for the first one is the worst. Every time after that you can say 'that's another one out of the way'.

Take care - keep us posted! xx Annie

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Hi Babs, wishing you good luck with your treatment, I found that I was much more relaxed when I was ungoing treatment and knowing something was being done for me.

Take care

Love Tess x

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Hi Babs

All the very best for next Monday. This is a brilliant site for support, isn't it?

It really helped me and it somehow feels as if we all know each other. Wish I was a bit nearer to you for that coffe you suggested!


Anne x

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Hi there Babs ...

This is a wonderful site with some truely amazing ladies on here , so glad its been a big help too you ..

So its the 1st next week for you ... it does go quickly ..or it did for me ...

Drink lots of water when you are having your chemo and of course afterwards too ..Good for your Liver and Kidneys to be flushed through ..

Wishing you all the best for Monday xxx

Do let us know how you get on .

Love Janet x

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Hi Babs

Just wanted to say welcome's not where you'd want to be, but I'm glad you found us;-) . Wishing you all the very best for the journey you're about to take. I will be thinking of you and waiting for news about how it's all going. When you need a friend, lots of them, we're here

Love Wendy xx

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Hi Babs,

All the best for next Monday stay positive you'll get there.

Love Jan xx

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hi!Babs all the best for your first treatment.You are not alone.we are always here for a listening ear.x una

Totally agree with you. Fantastic work is being done at Ovacome. I can't thank them enough. Very best wishes for Monday.

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Welcome aboard and good luck.

This site is brilliant for friendship, information, letting off steam, having a laugh and saying what you damn well like. Let us know how you go.

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Hi Babs

All the best for Monday, I felt exactly as you do when I had my first chemo treatment but it is not as bad as you expect. I had my 6th and last treatment yesterday which was a huge relief. Having a CT scan Monday 18th June and get the results 27th June. Looking forward to getting back to work and normality after being off work for 6 months.

Hope all goes well for you

Sue x

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