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A big thank you

Can I just extend my thanks to everyone who contributes to this site, it is a tremendous source of information and support. I am focused on doing everything I can to help my Mum beat OC and view it as our joint battle. The information, advice and experience that you all provide here helps in so many ways.

Mum was diagnosed with OC in August 2011, started chemo in September, major debulking surgery in December and finished chemo in March. In December many of you helped me with excellent ideas I could try when Mum was struggling to eat post op - these ideas helped immensely and got Mum back on her feet quickly.

Mum's CA125 came down to 339 (from over 2,000) so we know it will be back but for now it's all about enjoying life and doing as much as possible.

I hope that everyone fighting OC gets the best treatment possible and that a cure can ultimately be found. In the meantime thank you for providing an excellent support network that carers can also draw upon.

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Hi RobM,

Those of us who have had, and those who still have it and will have it, owe a huge debt of gratitude to people like you who stick with us through the whole journey wherever it starts and ends.

I am one of the most lucky in many ways - not least in my husband who has been an absolute rock. That is not to say that we haven't had our moments (inevitably, the intimacy of getting through these problems brings stresses and friction too), but the two most reassuring words in the English language are "I''m here", when they come from someone who genuinely is!!



Thank you very much.

My Mum has some incredibly supportive friends who have really pitched in when it matters. My partner is fantastic and has really helped me through this and my employer has also been great in terms of time off and flexible working around Mum's appointments etc.


I agree with Isadora. You are the hero for looking after your Mum when she needs you most. Like Isadora my husband is my rock now I am very poorly, and we all need a rock when things get tough.

Love Lizzie



Thank you very much. My Mum is a real battler who doesn't want to worry her son, so getting her to open up is tough at times.

We are all fighting this together and can hopefully each other when it gets tough.


Dear Rob

Your Mum's lucky to have you there as this is a tough disease. It's really good to hear we've been of some help to you and I hope you will continue to post and ask questions. It's not a women-only domain though perhaps it seems so sometimes. Don't forget, even rocks need someone who's there for them.

xx Annie


Thank you very much. The site provides a tremendous source of information which really helps me as Mum lets me ask the questions and take notes at meetings with the oncologist.


Dear Rob

It's so good to hear your Mum is doing well now. Long may it be so! It's good that men are using this site. I felt, after my diagnosis about ten years ago and tremendous support from my husband, that they are often the lonely, unsung heroes of our strange fight

Love Wendy xx


Thank you very much. I cannot start to imagine what Mum is going through e.g. how she feels during chemo cycles, so the information on this site has been great in helping me to try and do the right things for Mum.


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