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Hi Ladies

Just a quick blog post to say that I ran the Race for Life today. At the tender age of 50 (LOL) this was my first race as I have never jogged before. The atmosphere was wonderful, and I managed the 5 km in 38 minutes . I had trained over the recommended 6 weeks, and really enjoyed the training as well as the run itself.

I hope that this wonderful organisation that has helped us all so much, Ovacome, gets some of the proceeds.Two years ago I was in a very different place physically and emotionally, so I still cannot believe how much things have improved.



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Hi Charlie,

Congratulations! Put you feet up now and have a good rest ... Well done...

Best wishes x G x


well wishes.



Dear Charlie, I've just had a look at your profile and I can only say a hearty congratulations for getting through all that, and then training and jogging the 5k run. You've had a very tough few years and I hope your enjoyment in sport continues and that you go from strength to strength.

You completed the run in a really great time. I've been in training but not had a good couple of weeks so I've put it on the back burner and intend to put those running shoes back on very soon. Wish I could say I enjoy the training as much as you. Perhaps it'll grow on me. I hope it will as I'm sure jogging is very good to keep the Big C at bay.

All the very best for a continued remission and lots more jogging.

xx Annie


Wow! Well done you!



Well done Charlie you are an inspiration.

All the best, Monique


Well done Charlie. I intended to do the Race for Life again this year, as I have done it for the last 2 years, but my latest chemo session only finished recently and I fell too wiped out to even walk those 5k. I really enjoyed the races I did and the training, which got my fitness back up after my first chemo, so I will be starting a fitness plan again soon and hope to do the RfL again next year. Very best wishes.


xxxxxxx :)


Well done Charlie..........running is great I hope you've caught the bug. I did Race for Life as my first race in 2006 and have gone on from there. I had to take some time out last year for treatment but I'm starting to build back up again


Well done, such a good achievment, keep those running shoes on !!;-0


Thanks ladies, I thought about all my friends on this site many times as I ran around. So many people have had to endure far harder journeys.

Charloe xxx


Well done Charlie.Your training clearly paid off! Hope you keep going with the running. x


Hi Cath

I certainly hope to keep it going , now I want to do a 10km !

Charlie xxx


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