Sale of Pin badges for Ovacome

The bag was empty and with 70 sold it was time to open the collecting tin and there was a wonderful £104 .21p in the tin ......... So that is also on its way to Ovacome .. Not done yet as I know more people who have yet to have my smiley face before them and hear the words 'can I sell you a pin badge for Ovacome' and they take at least 5 of the fab new leaflets away with them and beat it cards to pass onwards to their friends.

I didn't realize I knew so many people .....

Love Jan xxxx

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  • Well done smiley Jan :-) lots of love x G x 8-)

  • Thanks for the smileys Gwyn xxx

  • well done thats brilliant.

    Angie x

  • Thanks Angie xxx

  • Jan, that's fantastic to have raised so much money. You've reminded me I have to pay Ovacome for the pins we sold last month. I emailed asking whether I could pay the money into my bank and then pay them so they could claim an additional £20 odd from Gift Aid.

    I haven't heard back from them even though it seems a good way of maximising income.

    I'll email them again to see if I can get an answer before you send yours in as this would be £50 more into their coffers - if you were in agreement of course.

    Loads of love xxx Annie

  • Thanks Annie ....

    From the kitchen making my sister in law a Raspberry Blancmange ..... she likes her child hood desserts ..... not too keen myself ....

    Arrrrr .... the cheque has already gone off to Ovacome but worth knowing for the future ...

    Love Jan xxxxx

  • Not a problem. You can just ask them to email you a Gift Aid form and they can claim the tax back. Just depends whether they want to do that.

    Raspberry Blancmange! You must be a fantastic sister to have such an effort for her. What lucky, happy sisters you must be.

    Love Annie xxx

  • Well done Jan. Where did you sell them? I used to be a psychotherapist and trainer and a friend recently auctioned some of my old text books to his trainees andraised 42 pounds for ovacome but I forgot about the gift aid. I am still keen to meet as group and seems that 4 or 5 people want it too but having chemo tomorrow so not sure when I'll be up to it. Just got one treatment left after this. I'll post a blog asking people to suggest dates times and places I am happy for first one to be at my house in Heaton chapel love Francesca so

  • Hi there Francesca ,

    Delighted to hear that you raised 42.00 by auctioning the books for Ovacome . I really should do something with my late Dads records ...He had loads in really good condition .

    Selling the pin bages ..well they went everywhere I went ...meeting friends for cofffe, lunch selling them at school where I work as a lunch time asst . Neighbours have been very supportive and of course family too . There are still lots more people at school that I have not yet seen to sell to so will carry on after the Easter break .

    Hope all goes well for your chemo on Monday and such good news that there is one more to go .

    Take good care now xx

    Love Jan xxxx

  • Well done jan. you've been busy selling haven't you. I must sell the badges I have got maybe after my holiday when I am feeling more up to things. Did you want to try to arrange another meet up. Hopefully this time we will be able to go ahead with it! We also need to sort out our train for the members day.

    Hugs Jackie xx

  • Hi there Jackie ,

    Many thanks xxx

    How are you ???? do hope you are home now and resting lots ....

    Yes to arrnage another meeting ...we will get there you know ... and yes we have planning to do ....We do have Oyster cards for the tube ....we were always borrowing our friends for London trips so we have our own now !

    We are up in Derbyshire from Monday to Thursday visiting Brian's family .

    Let me know when you are free ...

    Take good care now xx

    Love Jan xxxx

  • Well done Jan. Fantastic!!

    Love Mary xx

  • Dear Jan

    Thanks for all your hard work - you are doing as Stirling job getting the message out there and raising money as well

    Ruth and all of us at Ovacome

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