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Tough Day Today

Just back from the hospital. Mum had her surgery today to remove a very large cyst, right ovary and her omentum. No diagnosis yet, She was in recovery for a long time afterwards trying to get her pain under control. It was hard seeing her as she looked so ill and vulnerable and kept saying that the pain was so bad she thought she was dying. I know tomorrow is a new day and she will hopefully be on the road to recovery. Sorry for being sad today and I hope my sadness doesnt bring anyone down,

Take Care


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It is perfectly understandable to feel sad. I hope your Mum was offered morphine. They can fit her with a self-administered pump if the pain is still bad tomorrow. I hope that by then she will be feeling more comfortable. As you say, tomorrow is a new day and her pain might just be post-op. I hope she is feeling better by tomorrow

Love, Wendy xx


Love and a hug to you Geralyn. It's always hard watching someone you love in pain and not being able to do anything.

As you said tomorrow is a new day, the operation is over and your Mother is a lucky lady having a daughter like you to love and care for her.

Hope she is soon on the road to recovery.

Take care of yourself

Love Sue


Dear Geralyn

I"m really sorry to hear your Mum felt so poorly after the op. It's really traumatic having to sit to one side and see your Mum suffering. Let's hope when you ring this morning that the hospital staff can assure you that your Mum had a good night's sleep and is making good progress. I did notice when I had surgery that each one of us reacted differently but within a couple of days we were all up and about, chatting, and feeling much better.

I do hope today is a better day for you and your Mum.

love, Annie


Hi Geralyn!

I hope that your mum is feling better by now! I was very uncomfortable after my last op but I pulled through eventually! I found waking up in the High Dependency Unit the worst! But they had me up in a chair as soon as I got back on the ward and walking the following day. I was given tramadol, a morphine derivative, for pain but, frankly, had such awful dreams that I preferred the pain! It settled to tolerable levels though I had a couple of bad nights. We all handle pain differently and yourmum may find that morphine and its derivatives work for her. I think that for all of us and those we care for the fear is the worst and so we focus on the things we can deal with, like pain!

I assume that your mum might be my generation (I am 71) and so recovery times might be similar! I was in hospital for 5 days for my debulking op in 2010 and 10 days this time. I am now back on my bike! I had the op on Dec 5th last year!

Best wishes and positive thoughts for your Mum!



Dear Geralyn

Do hope your mother is feeling better soon and that they the pain under control. It is always difficult seeing someone you love in so much discomfort but I am sure she will soon look better when she is in less pain. If you would like to talk things through do feel free to give Ovacome a ring

Best Wishes



Dear Geralyn,

I hope your mothers pain is better soon. After my op. I recovered quite quickly and came home after 5 days. I am 75. Now the memory of the pain has all but faded and, looking back, I feel only an overwhelming gratitude for the love and care of my children. Your mother is blessed in you. Take heart. Tomorrow is indeed another day. With best wishes,



Very sorry to hear about your mum. Medical Staff need to get her pain under control no need for that kind of pain. Hopefully you will see a difference in her condition in the next few days. Will be thinking about you, sending your mum positive healing. x


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