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For me, today is a good day ☺️ Hope you all are too?

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I had an appt with the most wonderful Prof CF today who gave me a thorough check over including an ultrasound scan & a good chat about any of my concerns. She was very reassuring & as fabulous as always.

I told her we all ( who’ve crossed her path) think she’s an amazing person & we are so very grateful for her expertise & bedside manner.

I also said I hoped Natasha from the Hospital tv programme ( which was on a few weeks ago - when Prof CF was mentioned as about to do her surgery) was doing ok, she replied that she was 😌 This was so comforting to hear.

There’s always hope 🙏🏽

With love to each & every one of you whether you’re having a good day or not such a good day, Lynne xx

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What a lovely post, so glad you had such a positive hospital visit it helps so much too have a face to face consultation. Wish you love & positivity long may it continue. SheilaFxxx

Thank you Sheila. Love & best wishes to you too xxx

Yeah ! Good news, very pleased for you and great you said such a lovely thank you.

It’s great having good news - just wish this for everyone xxx

Good to hear that you had positive news. Sometimes we all need that reassurance,so as to relax a little. Take care.

Reassurance from someone you trust enormously brings huge relief. Hope you’re doing well? Take care yourself xx

Great positive news. I'm a bit in limbo at the moment so it was lovely and cheering to hear your news. Hope you continue to do well. Jackie

Sorry to hear you’re in limbo at the moment Jackie but glad my post has helped cheer you up. All the best to you lovely, Lynne xx

What lovely news (for you and Natasha) - so pleased for you and that it gave you a lift! x

Fab news for you and so pleased you passed on our thoughts, it must have been a very tough year for all the hospitals consultants xx

Lovely update and great news about you being reassured by Prof Fotopoulou. I am ever so pleased for you. Onward and forward. This must of been a follow up meeting after your previous surgery?

Yes it was thanks newbie. I see prof cf every 6 months ( but can call & make an appt to see her if I’m concerned before next appt.). She’s truly wonderful & I’m so very grateful. Hope you’re doing ok? Xx

This is so absolutely wonderful and reassuring. Prof is absolutely superb and anyone whom she had looked after will say the same. Do you see her privately? May you always continue to have the peace of mind xx

I am very lucky to see her privately through my husband’s business health insurance ( which doesn’t sit well with my political views but happy to know she gives the same treatment to her nhs patients). She’s one in a million as you obviously know 💕 x x

I hope you'll continue to enjoy all manners of peace of mind xx

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