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Tough day yesterday

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Yesterday was a tough day, you know the deals you make with god, give me till and then I’ll go quietly. Well yesterday was my big day, my youngest son was 13 when I was diagnosed and my deal with god was to be there to help him get a job. He’s now 16 and yesterday he started work as a apprentice electrician/mechanic.

It’s absolutely floored me emotionally, but I’m still here, still fighting and still hoping.

Thanks for listening I just needed to let it out.

PS Do you think it’s cheeky to ask for a new deal 😂😂

😍Loads of LUCK, LOVE and HUGS to you all, and a big thank you for your support it was much needed 😍XXX

24 Replies
Tezzaa66 profile image

Yea get that new deal sorted hugs xx

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Oh well done your boy and well done you! xxPs. I would get on to that new deal right away….☺️

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Hiya, yep I know that deal-making scenario so well. Sadly after having a life-long faith that has been truly tried and tested( not just by my illness) my belief in God wobbles these days.I don’t pray for myself at all but do pray for others and find I get angry about all the suffering in this world.

I’m so happy you got to see your son get his apprenticeship and you must be very proud.

Without doubt go for a new deal, knowing that we all support you.

Thank you also for raising this subject - hoped it helped to share.

Sending a hug


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I love this and yes, deffo….get a new deal in place!! X

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It sounds like a new deal is needed but maybe without the 'and then I'll go' bit?xx

Doglover1410 profile image

Totally get a new deal negotiated!! Well done to your son x

NewtonEmma1900 profile image

I totally understand. Mine is to stay alive to see my dog through her life as I don’t have a partner. 💕

Marie101 profile image

Sending big hugs to you. I can relate to that my daughter was 10 when I was diagnosed, she's now 12 but I have asked for another 6 years! That's my deal request. Lots of love ❤️

Belindajw profile image

Well done, I’m so pleased for you. And yes….no harm in asking for a new deal; it worked last time 😊

Ruebacelle profile image

Go for it

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Thats wonderful news! Now celebrate by negotiating a new deal 😉👏

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Dear MaldiveWell done! But keep on hoping. God is endlessly patient and will be delighted to hear from you again. Perhaps better not to do a deal as it can make us freak out when God seems to have done his bit!! Just ask for what you want open ended. Wishing you all happiness.

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Aww Maldive, that made me teary.. 😘I'm really pleased for you both.. Absolutely strike a new deal! 😊

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I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read your post because I’ve done exactly the same, but with a different goal. We reached it this Summer and now I’m terrified. I had my scan last week and have results next week and I am in the worst state of scanxiety. I’m definitely negotiating a new deal. 🙏🏻

Maldive profile image

Loads of LUCK, LOVE and HUGS to you all. Thank you for your support it was much needed XXX

Kblaisel profile image

Wonderful milestone thanks to God’s provision. It’s nice to come to Him with requests, but I believe that He also desires an ongoing relationship with you. Along with a new “deal” maybe make a practice of giving thanks for all your many blessings. 🙏🏻

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Wooo! Good boy all I can say xxx

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In 2002 on my grandsons 13th birthday I was told I had OC . I thought I want to see him 16, then 18, then 21. He is now 32 and getting married next week. Yes I had my first recurrence 2 years ago and have been on treatment most of this time but wanted to say it's good to focus on those special milestones. Well done to your son and to you. X

March2017 profile image
March2017 in reply to Lizzieanne

Love this ❤️

Catfeeder profile image

great milestone, new deal on its way... x

delia2 profile image

Definitely a new deal! And another after that!!! Xx

Lookingahead profile image

First of all , Congratulations to your son , he’s got a great apprenticeship . And we’ll done to you . I’d say a big Thank you to God, but yes , be cheeky and ask for a new deal !! Mine was to see my youngest son , who was engaged, get married. It kept being delayed due to Covid but I made it and actually kept going and dancing till midnight ( killed my knees after Avastin had damaged them but a small price to pay) I keep asking now for more time so I suggest you do the same !!! ❤️

Joanne59 profile image

Hi, I’ve made lots of deals and am still here 6 years on, watching my grandchildren grow, caring for my elderly mother etc. continue to fight and keep optimistic, good luck xxx

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I am so delighted you are still around for this wonderful start in your sons working life & hopefully you will be around when he is fully qualified too. I know all about those deals with god even before I was diagnosed with OC. My beautiful mother died nearly 26 yrs ago aged 58 (not from cancer)& never got to see any of us marry so she missed out on so much & it broke my heart. When I had my own girls & she wasn't there to meet them I often had a chat with god (I am not overly religious) asking him to make sure that I would be around when my girls grew up & marry. When I was diagnosed at 52 & my girls only young teens I was devastated . I felt like history was repeating itself . I am still here nearly 4 yrs later though , I have recurred 😩 the deal is still the same, I really want to see the girls settled , married & it would be a huge bonus to be around for grandkids so 🤞. I often think about how people who don't have an illness like ours often take things for granted & want material things but all we want is simple things like, to be around to see our kids grow up & be happy so I think your are not at all cheeky asking for a new deal so go for it ! Hugs & best wishes &🤞 Xx

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