HI all I,ve had a total hystorectmy and omentum opp 13 wks i,m on my third round of chemo , saw my oncologist registra this wk who gave me

my ca125 result it was 11, first one was 16 after opp which is really good he said i was cancer free and didnt need a scan will have one at end of treatment do you think he should have said i,m cancer free!!! he also said i could reduce my chemo to minimise side effects but i have decided to carry on the course just to be on the safe side i really don,t know what to think. I thought he would of waited till the end of treatment to comment like that!!!

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  • Hi Dede,

    My CA125 went down to 6 during chemo, and stayed there. In my case, my oncologist insisted on a scan at the end of chemo, and one annually thereafter (2 yrs on). He says that this is because of the size and extent of my disease.

    I'm sure that your Oncologist correct; you are cancer free. They will go on treating you as an insurance policy. However, I think the thing to do now is concentrate on doing all the things you should to promote your body's ability to deal with any cancer cells that pop up (as everyone does). I would happily take the reduction in chemo as you will have less to recover from and the after effects go on for many months.

    You know yourself best. but I'm sure you can be confident that your dr is right.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks so much for your reply its put my mind at rest it sounds to good to be true i,m keeping everything crossed!!! I think i will stay on the same chemo its just awful times going through chemo but then again if it was,nt for chemo who knows what might happen!!!

    this site has been so brill its really kept me informed thank you xxx

  • Hi Dede

    My medics told me that they were pretty sure that I was cancer free after my debulk surgery (uterus, tubes, ovaries and omentum) but advised me to have the remaining 3 cycles of chemo to be sure.(I'd had 4 cycles before surgfery to reduce the tumour) My CA125 started at 2500, was 13 after surgery and 9 after final chemos, I'm glad that they didn't really give me the option to reduce my chemo because I would have been in the same position as you now - wondering what to do! If you can bear the side effects then keep going then you'll feel that you did everything you could. I got my "all clear, you're in remission" just a few days ago and it's a wonderful feeling. hugs from Janbeegee

  • thank you for your reply everyones so kind and thoughtful xxx

  • Hi Dede!

    It sounds as if you have caught it early and the medical team have done a great job! I agree with Isidora about treating yourself well and concentrating on getting over all the shocks your mind and body have gone through. Your case sounds a bit similar to mine. I was treated 8 years ago with similar to your treatment, but without any chemo. After I saw the oncologist, he said all the signs were that I didn't have any disease left after my op. He said I didn't need chemo and I've been monitored regularly ever since. So far, so good! My CA125 went down from 545 before the op to 16 and it's been there or less for the last 8 years. I am sure your medical team are giving you the very best advice.

    All the best,

    Love Wendy xx

  • thank you wendydee you really understand how everyones feels and always have sound answers to questions thank you for taking the time its really helped me xx

  • So many of you seem to be told you are cancer free! I was diagnosed stage 3c in 2009 and told it was not curable but was treatable. The hysterectomy, ooferectomy and omentectomy got everything visible but I had post op abscesses and that is where the tumours have come back. The good news is that the CA 125 which was 11,000 at diagnosis was 6 after the first round of chemo, rose to 340 in Feb 2011, is now down to 75 despite an allergy to carbo platin meaning I got only partial doses on cycles 2 & 3 and I am now psyching up for my next 24 hour marathon of saline infusion plus cisplatin next week.

  • This is a brilliant site. I always feel better after I have read other people's answers. I have kept a cancer diary from diagnosis and my oncologist thinks I should make sure it goes to the hospital when my kids are sorting my stuff after the inevitable happens as it is useful for research purposes.

  • HI margarateJ

    sorry I can,t belive that your doc has asked you to do this, does this not give you any hope or sorry have i misunderstood your reply

    love dedewhite xx

  • He didn't ask me ! I asked him. I am 71 and had no wish for false hope. We are not talking soon you understand! I am an organisation freak and long before I was told Imhad cancer I had mail merge letters and databases on memory sticks for my children to notify friends and organisations of my death! My children don't live in Y ork and I want to spare them the trouble dealing with my father's affairs caused me after he died. Death is, after all inevitable and I have no desire to end up parked in a care home. My Oncologist has always been honest with me and I with him, there are only two sure things in life - death and taxes, I pay my taxes and I am a member of dignity in dying.

  • I'm at much the same stage as you having had much the same operation too. My CA125 levels are now at 15 but oncology have advised that they can go up again also and so they will continue to give me the further 3 cycles of chemoterapy. It is as an insurance policy I'm sure - but I would rather that...

    Keep positive and trust that your Doctor knows best. x

  • thanks Eleni hope you keep staying well

    love dedewhite xx

  • Hi Dedewhite

    My chemo was interrupted as I became anaemic and my platelets dropped alarmingly. I had to have a transfusion and felt so well, I'm tempted to become a vampire! Of course, the chemo invaded the new blood and I am now suffering the effects again.

    My last cycle is end of next week though so I'm getting there....still immensely fatigued and very stressed/depressed at times though. It just all seems to be par for the course. I know I will continue to feel unwell for some considerable time yet and am grateful for the care I am receiving from the medical team, Macmillan and the Penny Brohn centre-couldn't do it without all that.

    I hope you are keeping well too and the side effects are manageable. Keep strong


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