Brilliant news

Hi All!

Brilliant news! Just have to share!

I went to meet my new GP today and he gave me the results of the blood test that I had done last week. My CA125 is 6, (anything up to 30 is 'normal') my diabetes is well under control and I have had my original statin restored to get better control over my cholesterol. He advises me to go on pushing myself a little physically too! Aparently it takes more than a year to recover from major surgery, hence the tiredness, but I am advised to try a bit more cycling and walking a bit further.

I am now not expecting any unpleasant surprises on Thursday. Theatre again tonight!


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  • Fantastic news Margaret. More cycling! Wow! You just need it to stop raining. So pleased to hear that you're enjoying life to the full.

    Love Sarah

  • It is so uplifting to hear such good news. You have been through a huge amount, and you have kept smiling and it seems....cycling!

    Enjoy the Summer!

    Love Lizzie


  • How wonderful! So good to share in your celebrations. There was a Macmillan research project recently which said that exercise moderately helped recovery and to prevent recurrences. So get walking! If you want something new, supportive, gentle and totally absorbing to try ... google tai chi classes in your area. I absolutely love tai chi and, although it is infuriating as it takes a long time to get the moves right, It impacts on bone density and general health from the outset. Good fun too with lovely people seem to participate , a certain type! Good luck, and enjoy your celebrations!

    Love Wendy xx

  • I used to do tai chi at bannatynes, even have the special shoes, but they cancelled the class then I became ill! Must look for another class!


  • Great! It depends where you live, and what form you did. I do taoist tai chi, as prescribed by Master Moy! If you google taoist tai chi society uk, you may find a class. There's a "find a class" option.

    I just love it, it takes up so much of my mind, I don't have time to think of anything else at all. Very relaxing :-)

    Good Luck with your exercise regime

    Love Wendy xx

  • I did Li Style but I am quite prepared to learn another so I will take up your suggestion Wendy, thanks! I live in Southbank, York.


  • Wonderful Margaret!


  • I'm a huge fan of cycling, walking ... and the theatre. Everything you need to keep you in tip-top condition. May it long continue!


  • So good to hear some good news, congratulations and enjoy.

    Tess x

  • Hi Margaret, I'm so pleased to hear your good news! :) Enjoy the theatre!

  • Margaret, great news,so pleased Love Sue x

  • Well done Margaret ,

    You deserve some good news for a change. It is so uplifting to share this with you .You enjoy this freedom .

    Suzie Que xxx

  • Wow 3 Sues in a row!!!

    Hi Margaret

    Really pleased with your news. Cycling should be no problems now that ton weight has been lifted off your shoulders!

    Love Suex

  • So happy for you. Exercise is a great spirit lifter. Just in from my regular 4 mile walk. :-)

  • Hi margeret,im very new to this site and just read your news.THATS GREAT XX

    Im not a cycling person so big respect! Walking has been my thing and its a great mind clearer(espeacially when the suns shining!) be happy mx

  • Walking was mine but I am worried about other people having to get me back if I cannot manage the full 6 - 8 miles. Still I am planning to do more walking into town and back!

  • Hi Margaret, So pleased for you , its great to hear good news, gives everyone a lift, hope the sun shines for you when your cycling, enjoy.

    Love Sue x

  • That is fantastic!!! I'm so glad you got good news, after all you've gone through you can begin to move forward and I imagine it feels very liberating. Lots of luv Sarah xxxx

  • Great news! So pleased for you. I love cycling and walking and always feel mentally uplifted and calmer afterwards.


  • Fantastic news, so pleased for you. xxx

  • Great to hear you had good news x

  • Great news Margaret. Well done. I love walking and am hoping to get out cycling too when I get my energy back after finishing chemo. Roll on the summer and some nice weather! xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Margaret

    I'm so pleased for you. Did you enjoy the theatre? What did you see? I went to lots of things last year and each time it gave me a real boost.

    Be careful on your bike!



  • Thanks everyone!


  • Just seen your happy news ....

    So very pleased for you xxx

    So wish it would rain to order night and dry during the day ..tall order I know ..but us walkers are suffering ..not getting out there ...

    Oh ! well at least the ironing pile is going down ....

    Love Janet xxx

  • What's ironing? If it needs ironing I don't buy it! LOL

  • Glad to hear your good news!

    Susie x

  • Wonderful news. I'm sure spring will be here soon and you can get out and enjoy some nice walks and bike rides.

    Catherine xx


  • Just seen your news. Brilliant..........I have started swimming and try to walk instead of drive if possible. I'm 2 years post surgery and have only just realised that for the last few weeks I am not so tired!!!!!!

    Love and good wishes Chris x

  • Thanks Chris! I was worrying about how long it was taking me!


  • Thank you all for the good thoughts!


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