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Positive news

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Hi friends, just wanted to post for those who may have lost a bit of hope like I had. 2nd recurrence in less than a year, my onc said no more chemo, rising ca125, tried Olaparib, etc but referred me to lovely prof Jayson at Christie’s. I feel like I may make 53 now. So many options, never give up on living and being positive about each day.😚 xx

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That is great news and such good timing as was feeling a little down. Xxx

That’s good news . I am with prof J . He is a lovely kind man , and so easy to talk to. You are in the best possible hands .Good luck

He is amazing, he explained everything so clearly, demystified my cancer and gave me so much reassurance. I feel so lucky xx

Good on you! Keep up that positive attitude lovely and keep on fighting, its so fantastic when our teams give us something positive to fight with i think they underestimate the effect that has for us every day.Wishing you better luck with this part of your journey, and knickers to it aim for 60! 😂 xx



Thankyou, you’re right aim high, 60 it is xx

Thank you so much for positive news. Niraparib stopped working for me, so watchful waiting until more chemo and feeling rather despondent. Given me more hope.

Aren't you lovely for sharing that, thank you and all the very best. I hope you make 93! Sue xx PS please can I come to the party I like a night out!

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Of course, you will be more than welcome xx

Thank you for sharing your positive spirit. Always helpful to us all x

Hi, It's wonderful that there was another option to give you more hope. Was prof Jayson able to offer more treatment options or better support? Just ignore if I'm being too nosy but I have only recently become aware of how limited the options are and had to take a bit of a hard look at my perceived timeline.

Best wishes to you. xxx

I know exactly how you feel and I was aware that taxol was not an option but Prof J has multiple treatments in his tool box that my local cancer centre do not have. Don’t give up, at my consultation I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, never did I think that I would view chemo regimes with such enthusiasm! Bex xx

Thank you so much for sharing. It felt a bit like a final count down with very limited tools, mainly because the onc gets a bit vague when I try to push for " and then what?" but that sounds encouraging.I hope you find what works best for you. xx

Hi, so pleased you shared your positive news with everyone. Keeping positive is essential to us all.

That’s great news. Thanks for sharing!🌼🌸🌺

I’m so glad for you. 🙏 🌻

Thank you.xx

Fabulous news!! Keep smiling. My mums being treated at the Royal Marsden and they are magical people there who work wonders. I’ve heard Christie’s is the same ☺️🙏🏼🙏🏼 Xx

That’s great - so pleased you have found a new supportive and helpful doctor. He’ll find the right treatment for you 💪

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