In 2010 i had surgery to remove both my ovaries that had painful cyst on them. when i returned to the dr for 6 week check up i told him that i still felt like i had ovaries. he told my no that he had got them out. after another month i went back unable to return to work due to still hurting very bad in my pelvic area mostly the left side. i was told that im not as young as i used to be this was a very difficult surgery due to i had massive adhesions that had every thing plastered together, so what was to be a 45 min laproscopic procedure ended up being a 6 hr surgical procedure. i continued to have problems i saw dr after dr no one would give me a definite dx. i ended up in the er 9 months later in excruciating pain barely able to walk after 6 hr in the er being treated like i was there for pain meds only the dr was going to discharge me. i then spoke up and said im not leaving until u do something for me. he then ordered a ct scan of my pelvic area wher they then administered stadol for the pain and told me i had large cyst on my ovaries. i told them i dont have any ovaries they were removed at this hospital 9 months ago. the dr looked at me and smirked well its in the area where you ovaries should be so im calling them ovareis. by this time im really angry. when the nurse came to discharge me she said maybe it cysta on you adrenals. i saw my primary dr the next day he ordered a pelvic ultrasound which confirmed i had both ovaries abd both had cyst on them. by this time im really confused. the dr sent me back to the gynocologigt that did my surgery i took ct and ultrasound results, he sat in the chair and said those are not ovaries i got them out thats scar tissue and adheisions. i would not advise you to allow anyone else to open you up again and im not going to do it again. any good surgeon would tell you the same thing. i went to another gynocologist and he confirmed i do have ovaries the rt one regrew but the left on was never removed. now im hurting so bad i can barely get around the pain is intense. i have renal disease and am allergic to codeine so what am i to do but suffer. im almost ready to throw in the towel. most of the dr's i see treat me like im drug seeking im just frustrated. the new dr im seeing now is going to do the surgery but hes going to have a colon rectal surgeon to assist i really hate to do this again but i really need some relief i cant continue to go on like this. also after the surgery i was diagnosed with renal disease stage 3, auto immune disease, lupus, herniated disc just above my coccyx and rt and lt side ulna nerve entrapment this has just been a nightmare. my body is fighting against its self and im trapped.

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  • Hi Quesmom

    I am so sorry you are having such a hard time, I do hope you will get the help

    you need my thoughts are with you l

    Best wishes xx Gwyneth xx

  • tk you so very much

  • Hi Quesmom

    How terrible for you , am so sorry you are going through this. Doctors are human too and they make mistakes. I wished that when they do make a mistake that they admitted it and then moved on to caring for you properly.

    Have you seen a copy of the pathology report ? That should give you a clearer picture of what was or was not taken out.

    It's good that you are having the procedure it seems you need and let's hope this sorts things out for you. After that try to do absolutely everything you can to get well again. I also had a second surgery ( had borderline ovarian cancer) and while it wasn't much fun at the time , I have got over it now and am enjoying life again , alot. So will you.

    Take care

    Big hug

    Charlie XXX

  • hello and thank you. yes i have the pathology report and have given it to the new dr. after reviewing he said it show they sent ovaries but hes not understand. he has no doubt that he removed the rt one but the lt one has never been removed. when i went back to the firs dr henever looked at the actual disc if ct scan nor ultrasound he just said no you dont have them thats adhesiong ans scar tissue he then called over to the hospital and told them to do an addendum to therdaiologt report stating that this was adhesions and scar tissue. i then asked what about this pain he said

    i well you;re 47 now you should go thru menopause by age 52 so the body will absord them any way. i then said i thought you said i didnt have ovaries. he dismissed me with no other treatment, blood work or other tests. i really was hurt and disappointed by his actions.it took me anothed 4 monts to get in to see this new dr. ovarian cancer runs in my family and i really need this resolved. thank you again for you response

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