3cm cyst on my ovary :(

Hi there everyone. Ive been reading peoples stories and you all seem very helpful so i thought id join and give my story and see if anyone is having the same problem as me.

3 weeks ago i was in hospital with suspected appendicitus on which in the end they found a 3cm cyst on my right ovary and gallstones. I seem to have my gallbladder under control atm but my tummy is hurting 24/7.

I wasnt bleeding when i was taken in to hospital but after 4 days i was home and the bleeding began. Ive since been bleeding for 3 weeks and it wont stop. Im in pain all the time with a dull ache and sharp pains and then every couple of days or so i get really painful period pains. I still dont have a gyno app and im fed up... Is my cyst really a cyst and how long do they expect me to be miserable for...? I also have bloating and feel sick with alot of back ache xxx thankyou for listening xx

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  • Can't help with your condition but hope you don't have too long to wait. Perhaps ring your gp you see if they can hurry it along saying the wait is stressing you out? Or ring the hospital? Most here have had a diagnosis and treatment of varying degrees up til you actually have been diagnosed try not to worry. It may be a simple cyst. Have everything crossed for you. Do keep us posted.

    Sheila x

  • See your GP and ask for an urgent referral to a gynecologist, I did and saw one within four weeks, explain as you have here though and it may be quicker for you as mine was bothersome but less so than yours

  • doctor has sent an urgent letter to gyno so hopefully hear from them this week. but when the pains get bad again im going in and not dealing with them on my own :( had enough... is is right to bleed constantly..? im on the depo injection so I dont even get periods xxx ty for ya replies

  • Yup turn up at A&E with someone and don't leave till your sorted. The old story of them who shout loudest get while them that don't don't

  • Yes ring your gp and get that appointment fast tracked, you might just have a bad urine infection but better to be sure, mind yourself and be assertive

  • Hi 2melly2, I am waiting on gynae appointment too. I have been bleeding for just over three weeks now and pain in my right side and lower back. the doc gave me tranexamic acid to help with the bleeding. I had a scan and they couldn't find my right ovary so that's why I am being sent to the gynocologist. The doc said it should be within two weeks because it is urgent. Hope you get an appointment soon and get to the bottom of what is going on. I am 51 years old.

  • Request for an MRI and blood tests related to ovaries health. you will have to repeat your symptoms and keep telling em till they give you the right treatment.

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